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Are we really only 5% of the market?
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Jul 1, 2001, 05:01 PM
I just watched the Unbreakable DVD and noticed the three strategically placed G4's in Mr. Glass's office of Doom. I've noticed that almost everytime you see a computer on a tv show or movie it is more often than not a Mac. Obviously the mac's are chosen because of their sophisticated stylings but it also makes me wonder if we really are only 5% of the market. Judging from pop culture shows and movies you would think everyone uses a mac. Just wondering what other people think about this.
Jul 5, 2001, 10:42 PM
I think Apple's records of the number of units sold are accurate, yes.
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Jul 6, 2001, 01:02 PM
When I saw Unbreakable I thought the exact same thing! To someone who doesn't know about computers, they would think everyone has a Mac.
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Jul 6, 2001, 02:42 PM
Its called priduct placement, and Apple is very good at it.

Yes, I'm sure somtimes a Mac in in there for the script. Sometimes its in there for the styling. Usually its in there 'cuz Apple made the best offer. Usually donating the computer is enough. But in movies often the placement is payed for. Producers often use prod. placement to fund portions of their movies, and often take bids for the spot. For example, if the main charachter in some new movie gets on a plane in one scene, the producers will solicit Delta, United, USAir, Continental etc. Everyone bids $10,000 for the spot except for United who bids $25,000, and viola, its a United plane that the holywood star gets on. Ericsson bids more than Nokia and Motorola, and viola: Angelina Jolie caries a Ericsson. BMW coughs up and James Bond drives a Beemer.

While I have never heard of Apple explicitly doing this, I'm sure its not a coincidence the 90(+)% of computers on TV and in movies are Macs. Apple's gots be great at scoping the oportunities and making the right offer.

P.S. Can you imagine what FedEx payed for Cast Away?
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Jul 7, 2001, 04:21 PM
Also in Unbreakable, Mr. Glass uses a Pismo PowerBook, that can be seen in the same scene as the G4s and also on a table in first scene that he meet David Dunn in the art gallery.

I love Unbreakable and I love my Pismo!
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Jul 8, 2001, 01:43 AM
People always compare the Macintosh computer versus the Windows OS. Using that comparison, I guess Apple is around 5 or 6% market share. But I would like to find an accurate comparison of Apple vs Dell vs Compaq vs IBM vs DEC vs Digital, et al. Then you would see a more accurate comparison. After all, people buy the computer not the OS...
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Jul 8, 2001, 04:09 AM
If you figure market share by number of units (computers) shipped, which seems the most logical one, then it looks like Apple's market share in the first quarter of 2001 was somewhere between 2% and 3%.


[ 07-08-2001: Message edited by: CaseCom ]
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Jul 9, 2001, 12:55 AM
I wonder how much market share Apple has out of just CPQ DELL and GTW?
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Jul 9, 2001, 02:52 AM
5% really isn't THAT small of a market share. Usualy anaylysts group ALL the PC companies together and compare them with Apple. Kinda unfair, if you ask me. I'm not sure what the market share of every individual company, but 5% is pretty darn good for Apple.

Think of it... Apple is the ONLY company that sells Macs. Compared to the thousands (if not hundreds of thousands world wide) of companies that build and sell PCs. 5% of a Windows domainant market is a pretty snazzy spot.

Of course, it doesn't hurt for Apple to take up even more. Even if it is only 5% of the total market, Apple makes up something like 40% of the educatonal market, and something like 75% of the dtp/video/audio market. Goes to show ya something.

People may tell you Apple holds such a little part of the market, but 5% of that market is still 3 MILLION Mac users. That's nothing to scough at.
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Jul 9, 2001, 11:58 PM
I wonder how much market share Apple has out of just CPQ DELL and GTW?
Based on CaseCom's link:

Worldwide PC Unit Shipment Estimates for 1Q 2001
(includes servers, desktops and portables)

1. Dell 4,160,000 (12.8%)
2. Compaq 3,943,000 (12.1%)
3. Hewlett-Packard 2,381,000 (7.3%)
4. IBM 2,000,000 (6.2%)
5. NEC 1,455,000 (4.5%)
Others 18,580,000 (57.1%)
Total 32,520,000 (100%)

Now in Apple's latest financial statement it says it shipped 751,000 Macintoshes in the first quarter (Jan.-March, Apple's fiscal second quarter). That works out to a market share of 2.3%. Yikes!
If you remove the 57.1% of "others" it works out for the following:

1. Dell 4,160,000 (28.4%)
2. Compaq 3,943,000 (26.8%)
3. Hewlett-Packard 2,381,000 (16.2%)
4. IBM 2,000,000 (13.6%)
5. NEC 1,455,000 (9.9%)
6. Apple 751,000 (5.1%)
Total: 14,690,000 (100%)

From here you can see where Apple get's it "5 down 95 to go" slogan.

5% really isn't THAT small of a market share. Usualy anaylysts group ALL the PC companies together and compare them with Apple. Kinda unfair, if you ask me.
What the hell are you gonna compare them with, the toaster market?
respect mah athoritah!
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