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9.2.1 EnableKit
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Sep 9, 2001, 08:00 AM
9.2.1 EnableKit (Japanese)

Make Mac OS 9.2.1 running over old machines.
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Sep 19, 2001, 12:31 PM
Any english translations?

I downloaded it, but haven't run the app since Im not sure what anything says.
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Sep 19, 2001, 11:17 PM
if you're up for a little search, i saw an english one on a featured mac hotline server earlier today. sorry, don't remember any more details..
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Sep 20, 2001, 12:13 AM
Originally posted by Keda:
<STRONG>Any english translations?
By using AltaVista's online Babelfish, here is the first one:

9.2.1 In EnablerKit being attached

&lt; Summary &gt;
Software name: 9.2.1 EnablerKit
Version: 2.1j
Handling: Free wear
Reprinting method: When you can do, communication.
Writer: ITaro &lt; itaro@mac.com &gt;
Hardware requirement: MaccOs 9.1 moving, it does not correspond to 9.2.1 environment
Enviroment for software development: PowerBook G4 (MaccOs 9.2.1j)
PowerMacintosh 7300 (MaccOs 9.1j/9.2.1j)
MacsBug 6.6.3
UltraResEdit 2.1.3
ResCompare 2.5.3
Compressed method: DropStuff 6.0J
Pollution abatement: VirusBarrier 1.6.1j
Use: You can use MaccOs 9.2.1 way even with the old Mac
Constitution &gt; of &lt; folder
* Concerning the 9.2.1enablerKit (this file)
* Challenge method (until starting)
* Tools (necessary application and the like)
* Mac OS 9.2.1 Updater patch (patch for rise data file)
* Mac OS 9.2.1 Updater Direct patch (superscription patch for rise data file)
* System Patch (patch for System)
* MaC$oSMonolith (application for type ID disguise)
&lt; Is made the opportunity &gt; which
* Seeing it is to be thrown away being the __ it is not.
&lt; Function &gt;
* Type check of installer of MaccOs 9.2.1 nullfication
* Old the resource of the System which is necessary for starting in the type compensation
&lt; Notice &gt;
* This using the Kit, by any chance problem occurring, altogether, you do not take responsibility.
By all means utilization on self responsibility.
* As for the system and the important data the person who takes backup once is good, probably will be.
The one which it tries to be able to reset the system with anytime is safe.
&lt; In addition &gt;
* We wait operation and for report and problem report et cetera.
Especially, because completely there is no operation report with non- PC$$IPowerMac system and PowerBook system,
It operated, problem occurred, when and so on it is, we ask report by all means.
* After applying the patch, because as for hardware requirement of the system with respect to theory it is the same expectation as 9.1,
If 10001 report it can receive problem and environment even with when it does not move, also the probability which becomes somehow is high, is.
Is not the ____ which can solve problem securely, is. Pardon.
* And, as for driver such as peripheral device and upgrade card et cetera and software of third party make
Because there is no mono labor assistant, in regard to the problem solving you think cannot stand to part.
* Report, opinion et cetera the mail or it is good even with the bulletin board.
&lt; Application &gt;
* Please refer to " challenge method ".
&lt; Modification past record &gt;
* 2.1 (this version)
* Concerning the error when updating various
* 2.0
* The MacsBug was utilized, method of a time exceeding like type check evasion when starting is abolished,
Adding the resource which is not enough in the one for old type starting to the System, in the method of operating modification.
* 1.1
* It meaning that surroundings of the MacsBug are excessively troublesome, you prepare the Helper applet.
* It adds the file for the type other than 7300.
* 1.0
* First release
Somehow being to be able to verify that it moves, it releases.
&lt; Operation verification &gt;
* PowerMac 7300 (PPC604e/225mHz)
* Built-in both updating and starting to the HDD of the SCSI or the HDD of the ATA/66 of PCI card connection there is no problem.
Built-in Ethernet and video circuit, sound input/output, genuine CD and PCI card et cetera of ATA/66,
Without all problems in operation.
&lt; Operation report &gt;
* Type name (CPU classification / frequency [ - &gt; clock rise ] / L2-cache capacity)
Addition peripheral device, in addition remark
* EnablerKit 2.0J
* UMAX S900 (HG4-400LC/400CMcHz/1MB)
PCI ATA/66 & HDD, built-in Ethernet, sound output and genuine CD, built-in CD-R/RW and PCI ULTRA SCSI
Card and ATI XCLAIM VR 128, ACARD AEC-6260CM and PCI USB Card
* PowerMac 9650 (Sonnet G3/500MHz)
Sonnet PCI ATA/66 & HDD, Voodoo5 and Matsushita CDR, ProcTv2 and SoundBlaster
* PowerMac 7600 (Melco G4/350- &gt; 420MHz)
* PowerMac 9500 (MAXpowr G3/500MHz/1MB)
PCI ATA & HDD, ATI RAGE ORION, even with Classic environment on OSX starting
* PowerMac 8500 (MAXpowr G3/500MHz/1MB)
PCI ATA & HDD, even with Classic environment on OSX starting
* PowerMac 7500 (PowerLogix 400MHz/1MB)
* PowerMac 7300 (G3/400MHz)
* PowerMac 8600 (Sonnet G3/400MHz/1MB)
PCI ATA & HDD, TwinTurbo 8m, with part application in & Drag Drop difficulty to be
* UMAX S900 (MAXpowr 220- &gt; 341mHz)
ATA/100 (STF)
* PowerMac 8600 (PowerLogix G4/350- &gt; 400MHz)
AEC-8680 and Century FireWire
* PowerMac 7300 (MADMAX G3/400/1MB)
* UMAX Pulsar 2330VR (MAXpowr G3/300MHz)
Voodoo 3000/PCI, RexcPci32p (SCSI)
* PowerMac 7300 (MAXpowr G3/500MHz)
* PowerMac 8500 (MAXpowr G3/300MHz)
In FletscAdsl connected tool difficulty to be
* PowerMac 9600 (604e/300MHz)
* PowerMac 8500 (HG3-PM500SLC/500CMcHz)
PCI ATA/66 & HDD, even with Classic environment on OSX starting
* Performa 6420 (Sonnet G3/400MHz)
* EnablerKit 1.1j
* PowerMac 8500 (MACh Carrier G3/300MHz/512KB)
Report thank you.
Ahead &lt; writer communicating &gt;
* ITaro
* EMail
* Itaro@mac.com
* Taro@aaw.ne.jp
* CubiC$area
* Http: //www.aaw.ne.jp/taro/
and the second document:

Challenge method

&lt; First in beginning &gt;
* It just was announced MaccOs 9.2.1 is recently, but what and the corresponding type is only the MaccOsx corresponding type.
The ClassiC$maccOs rejoiced is version rise with after a long time relation,
To use it cannot do with the PCI PowerMac and the like which even now is moving with active service.
It is what, because it is vexatious, while analyzing, the unreasonable spear you tried moving.
* &gt; Simply, doing to there, as for the merit which it moves there is no at all and, on the other hand demerit is larger, is.
&gt; It is the world of self satisfaction truly.
With you thought, but chaos while having done, it reached the point where with 7300 it moves unnoticed completely, (laughing)
There is no about it solves also the problem of the built-in Ethernet, to be troubled at current place 9.2.1.
&lt; Are prepared those &gt; which
* MaccOs 9.1 is moving environment
* There is no this, it does not become story.
* MaccOs 9.2.1 rise data
* Similarly, it is not, it does not become story.
* The system CD of MaccOs 9.1 and the like, it can start separately the system
* After the updating being restart not to be able to make immediately after the relationship which applies the patch and after the updating it is necessary.
&lt; Job procedure &gt;
* Preparation
* Environment of MaccOs 9.1 is prepared.
In this case, perhaps the method which backs up the system of old environment is better.
* MaccOs 9.2.1 is prepared.
&lt; Http: //til.info.apple.co.jp/cgi-bin/WebObjects/TechInfo.woa/wa/showcTil? Id=120030 &gt;
* Job
1. 9.1 It starts from another system, from the update object such as system CD
2. Mac OS 9.2.1 rise data disk mount
3. The Mac " OS " 9.2.1 Updater patch which " is in the Tools folder " of the EnablerKit is started,
To open the Mac OS 9.2.1 update " in the rise " data disk, somewhere retention
4. " " The MaC$oSMonolith which is in " " the Tools starting
It ends at instant, but with that normal
5. " 3. " So the update file which is retained " you open with the Mac " OS installer
6. In accordance with the indication, update it does
7. When it completes, it removes the System from 9.2.1 systems of the object, takes shelter to somewhere
8. " To open " " the System which it takes shelter " with the System Patch of the Tools, in the system folder of the object retention
9. Because at this stage already it is starting possible from this system, if then it starts from that system, it to be possible, to rise
&lt; Trouble &gt;
* By any chance when updating " - it is not, " and so on error coming out, when it fails in update,
After copying the rise data disk in the HD of the object, in order to update,
Job procedure above 2-5 is read, like below please change.
2. Mounting the Mac OS 9.2.1 rise data disk, whole in the HD of the object the copy
3. The Mac " OS " 9.2.1 Updater Direct " patch which is in the Tools folder " of the EnablerKit is started,
It selects the Mac OS 9.2.1 update " in the update disk which " it copied, the patch applies
4. " " The MaC$oSMonolith which is in " " the Tools starting
It ends at instant, but with that normal
5. The Mac OS installer in " the update disk which it copied " starting
After on same
After copying, it seems that is the times when you can evade error by the fact that it updates.
* " The MaccOs9.2.1 Updater Direct " patch is the same patch as the " MaccOs9.2.1 Updater patch ".
Whether or not it superscribes, or retains separately, just is different.
* However it succeeded in update, when it does not start, while pushing the Shift immediately, starting
Please try doing.
When by any chance it can start with that, there is a possibility extensions and the like having caused conflict.
With the extensions manager " starting " in 9.2.1 bases, it can start, when, the third party
The possibility extensions and the like not corresponding to 9.2.1 is high, is.
It makes use stop or, in case of a certain 9.2.1 corresponding editions utilization.
&lt; In addition &gt;
* Already using before the EnablerKit1.1, 9.2.1 in case of errand, the MacsBug from the system folder removing,
When above-mentioned job you execute 7-9, it is the expectation which that way is accustomed to errand.
* This it moved in the type, well the dynamic combining Ǖ when the ? fi and the like you can report, it is delightful, is.
* If such a thing to if from first it should have supported also the old type.
The apple something is pleasant not to move specially it is is?
At least, it will support between the ClassiccOs...
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