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jdbrandt Jan 24, 2001 07:55 PM
Alternative to Easy Envelopes?
I have been using an early desk accessory, Easy Envelopes (written by Andrew Welch of Ambrosia Software) since the early 90's. It was well written and didn't break until the release of MacOS 9.1. Does anyone have any suggestions as to a replacement? I would like to be able to print envelopes on my laser printer with the flexibility that Easy Envelopes provided, i.e., user-definable envelope sizes, positioning of both return and delivery addresses, ability to import PICT graphics for the return address, bar coding and an internal database of frequently-used addresses.

I've not found anything to replace Easy Envelopes. Does anyone have a suggestion?

For those of you shareware utility-writers out there, I think there's a nice market for an add-on to MS-Office 2001 - I'd love to be able to search on my Entourage address database and print an envelope easily with the flexibility described above, all from an icon on the menu bar, a function key or in the Apple Menu.

dbogdan Jan 25, 2001 03:32 AM
I find that Appleworks 6.0 works fine for me.
It's customizable, easy to use and you can make "templates" once you're satisfied with placement, etc.
It can even do "mail merge," so you can print out labels and/or envelopes with ease...
The program isn't the hottest thing since sliced bread, but it works just fine and is "free" if you bought a Mac recently, as it's bundled with the CPU.
Now the bar-code thing is a whole other matter. I use Font Bar Utility Pro (?) and generate the UPC codes and cut and paste them into Quark XPress or Filemaker or Appleworks. The only thing necessary is having the correct UPC Font available on your systtem...
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