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Rex963 Apr 15, 2013 08:36 AM
Research on migrating to entourage
Hey Everyone,

I am doing a research on migrating to ENTOURAGE from Ms OUTLOOK. I have purchased a Mac Book Pro a month ago and want to get rid of my windows pc. But before that i need to transfer my mails to entourage some how. I have surfed through many forum sites and found that there are tools available for this kind of migration. A few i came to know about are : Pst Converter Pro, Emailchemy, O2M, Pst Exporter and convert my email.

I am a little confused among these tools, and need your help to shed some light on the functioning and which tool is the best to solve my issue. I am losing some precious time so i ask for quick and smart answers.Looking forward for positive replies.
Thank you
OreoCookie Apr 15, 2013 09:16 AM
First of all, Entourage is an outdated app on the Mac, the new Office for Mac 2011 comes with Outlook. I strongly recommend against Entourage, its outdated mail storage architecture does not play well with Time Machine, Apple's backup tool, or other backup software.

Either you should look at Apple's Mail which is included with OS X and very powerful or Outlook 2011. To be honest, I would recommend OS X Mail over Outlook 2011, also because it's much better integrated with all other system services. I find Outlook very ugly (it has a Mac adaption of the Ribbon interface which I don't like) while Mail is much cleaner. Also calendar and contact sharing across devices is easier if you use Apple's built-in apps (e. g. if you have an iPad, your calendars are automatically kept in sync). In fact, with the Calendar, you don't even need to use the built-in Calendar app, almost all calendar apps for the Mac use Apple's calendar on the backend, so syncing still works without you having to do anything.
shifuimam Apr 15, 2013 04:38 PM

What email service or provider do you use? How do you connect to your email in Outlook - Exchange, IMAP, or POP3?
rumplestiltskin Apr 16, 2013 04:20 PM
Not Entourage!!
Agree with OreoCookie. I've had clients using Entourage have their (very large) databases corrupted for no apparent reason. The new Outlook for Mac corrects the major issues: eMails are now stored individually and attachments are detached as soon as they arrive and stored in a separate folder. When backing up an Entourage database, even one minor modification (like a new incoming eMail) requires the entire database (many GBs in some cases) to be backed up (with TimeMachine or whatever) whereas Outlook 2011 structure only requires the new eMail and the altered Outlook index file to be added to the backup. This is a much better solution.

All the above being said, I use Apple Mail and an very happy with it.
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