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DeeKat Apr 22, 2013 06:49 PM
problem Synching photos to iPad!!
Ok i Know its not a new problem but it the first tiem I realize it.

I dont know why but iTunes doesn't synch all the photos I chose to put on the iPad. For some reason it stops in the middle of the process and only copies part of what I choose. I made a little search on the web anbd it seems its a known problem. I've tried all the propose solutions like: deleting the «iPod cache folder»; re-installing iOS, rebuilding iPhoto database. but nothing, nada, niet, not working... :mad: I'm really pissed at Apple. I've work on a Mac since 1990 and it the first time a feel let down by Apple (ok maybe with the exception of FCP X witch sucks, but that an another story)

Spec: I'm running latest OSX 10.8.3 on a MacbookPro (2Ghz i7, 4Go Ram), latest iOS on a 16Gb iPad 2.

Anyway, do you guys have any idea what I could do?
andi*pandi Apr 23, 2013 10:11 AM
How much space is left on the ipad?
techahead Apr 26, 2013 08:32 AM
I found this answer on see if it works for you as well.

"Hours and hours of on line Apple tech support for the iPad 3 has resulted in the following epiphany:

Task: Transfer photos in folders/directories to the iPad 3 and have them viewable in sequence

Condition: Win-7 64 bit with latest iTunes

Standards with “examples”:

- Create a simple rood directory (c:/iPad)

- Create subdirectories under the c:/iPad/(Pic-1, Pic-2…)

- Into the subdirectories place only .jpg (s) [Convert all file extensions into jpg] this will assure that the Apple OS is not over stressed.

- Rename all photos into a simple prefix with the .jpg suffix (Pic1-001, Pic1-002…) this will assure that when sorted by name the jpgs will be sequential.

- Assure that all jpgs are under 350kb

- Assure that the max amount of photos in each subdirectory is under 250 jpgs

- Assure that no other products like videos are in the subdirectories.

- Attach the iPad to the PC

- Start the iTunes program (I have been down the camera route for this but it is unable to load folders and is very unfriendly et al)

- Sync photos from “c:/iPad” and assure that the “Selected folders” is checked

- Do not include videos (do videos as mp4 in the movies section… and good luck)

- Assuming that you now have a few folders with jpgs showing up in the ‘Folders’ portion of the iTunes under the tab Photos and that all the folders are “Unchecked” now check off only the first folder (Pic-1) and Sync… this might take a while so settle in. Repeat the aforementioned for the next folder and the next always keeping the previous folder checked.

- Once the last folder is checked and uploaded calmly use the ejection icon associated with your iPad to disconnect the device.

- Wait a few minutes for the iPad 3 to work on getting its act together before opening its picture viewer and selecting a subfolder that you created and uploaded jpgs into (this is not a joke).

- If all went as everyone, from simple young Apple tecs to Lead tecs have prescribed your folders will contain your photos in the sequence that you indicated… if not as has been my case and other cases as well please see my Summation below.


- Never go more than one subdirectory under the c:/iPad

Summation: iPad 3 is a toy for limited social intercourse or children who need something simple to play with. iPad 3 is not for professionals or serious working folks who would like simplicity and function to ease their rendering of data and materials efficiently. I have concluded to give this Apple toy away and purchase the next Win 8 platform tablet that is designed for professionals. "
Spheric Harlot Apr 26, 2013 09:24 AM
Except he's on a Mac, and synching from iPhoto.
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