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chasg Jun 12, 2013 10:52 PM
post Mountain Lion: all photoshop prints coming out with cyan tint
Hi All,

I've just upgraded to Mountain Lion, and all of my prints produced by Photoshop CS6 are now coming out with a cyan tint. It's driving me crazy (and making me broke, so many wasted sheets of paper!). Under Lion, I had perfectly accurate prints.

I've upgraded the Epson software (Epson R3000) and Photoshop, re-calibrated my monitor and printer profile. No changes.

Any suggestions as to how to proceed? (how about how to downgrade back to Lion?)

Thanks in advance for any help,

angelmb Jun 13, 2013 02:40 AM
- Are you running out of ink.? (dumb question, I know)
- Does this happen only with CS6.?
- It is possible one or more of the color profiles may be corrupted. Go to Utilities->ColorSync Utility select Profile First Aid, clic on Verify.

Have you tried to reset the printing system (System Preferences, Print & Scan, right clicked the printer and selected "Reset printing system…") delete the Epson R3000 and added it again.?
chasg Jun 13, 2013 05:13 AM
Those are all excellent suggestions, and I know for sure because...I've already tried all of them (repairing colour profiles was new to me, glad I learned about that, and checking for a clogged nozzle/low ink was, embarrassingly, one of the last things I tried).

I've even re-profiled my printer for this particular inkset and paper. This got rid of most of the tint but, amazingly, there is still a bit left. I'm genuinely confused.

Thanks very much for the very good advice, I do appreciate it. To solve the problem, I had to boot into my emergency Snow Leopard drive (a mirror of a long-ago upgraded startup disk, running CS4) and print from there. That at least tells me it's a software problem, but I haven't yet determined if it's the OS, or Photoshop.


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