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FireWire Jun 14, 2013 04:53 PM
Seriously, has anyone at Apple used a web browser in real life?
I'm amazed at how they manage to make Safari more unbearable with each release.. It looks like they never used a web browser in their daily life. First the top sites: because everyone wants their recent history or frequently visited sites exposed to everybody around everytime they start their browser or open a new tab.. With pictures, nonetheless... Then they removed the very useful "Activity monitor" and the Downloads windows. Then hide the "empty cache" option in the Develop menu, instead of "Reset safari". Then their genius idea of making the tab ultra-wide, forcing us to move the cursor all the way to the right to click on the + to make a new one, instead of just double click it in the bar like before. And to top it off, make the URL bar do search instead of adding ".com" like before. Come on, 99.999999% of websites are .com. Now I have to take the time type .com everytime, or waste time and computer ressources to perform a useless search. Speaking of search, now you can't even copy the URL to share with others when you Google for images. The URL bar just displays your search terms, so you have to tell people "do an image search in google for "xyz"" instead of posting a clickable link.
DarkStarRed Jun 15, 2013 05:59 AM
I agree with you on Activity Monitor & Empty Cache, has you know
once Developer Tools enabled you get those two. Empty Cache should
be within Safari main menu.

You can select within Preferences to open Tabs & New windows as Empty or what ever you want.

You can Right or Left Click in the Tab (depending how you've setup your mouse)
to select via popup menu New Tab or cmd+T.

URL Search when you type whatever "St" you will be given Top Hits, Web search &
History even with your history cleared!
The drop-down list gives me no need to complete typing
also within the list is It will give results from your bookmarks it feels are relevant

Ok the last one thats Google being Google even with cookies turned on
& logged into account it doesn't work but you can share via Evernote or other.
mindwaves Jun 15, 2013 07:21 PM
Totally agree with FW. It has been annoying that features have been being deleted. Main gripes are the activity monitor and the ultra wide tabs. Closing such tabs makes each tab a moving target when closing with a mouse.
Thinine Jun 16, 2013 04:36 AM
Reset Safari -> Remove Website data sounds like it should clear the cache. Otherwise having it under Develop is a minor inconvenience, considering you can turn on the Develop menu rather quickly.

Copying the search term from the address bar will give you the full URL once you get results.
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