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miacomet Jul 12, 2013 09:38 AM
Airport Utility 631.4 stopped recognizing new Apple AC router
I downloaded the Airport Utility update 6.3.1 (631.4) yesterday.

I have three Airport Extremes in my house.
One 6th Gen AC Extreme (newest)
One 5th Gen n Extreme.
One 4th Gen n Extreme.

I also have a 1st Gen Airport Express hooked up to a printer. This stopped working, I reset it to factor defaults, and I can not get it to be recognized on my network I believe because of my problem below.

The new Airport Utility does not recognize my "6th Gen AC Extreme". The funny thing is that the "6th Gen AC Extreme" is my main base-station which is connected to the internet directly. The other Extreme's merely extend the range of my signal and act as hubs for other devices to plug into the internet via ethernet.

My "6th Gen AC Extreme" is also connected to my USB HDD and does time machine backups, fortunately those still work.

Fortunately my household internet still works even if Airport Utility can't see it. I am afraid to mess around with it since my internet is currently working as is.... Any ideas what my problem is? Why does the new Airport Utility not "see" my latest Apple Airport Extreme?

Oh also I can "see" my 6th gen Extreme when using my iPhone or iPad Airport utility... it is just the desktop version of Airport Utility that is having problems.
miacomet Jul 12, 2013 01:14 PM
NVM simply required to reset everything to factory defaults and then set it up again. Works now.
ibook_steve Jul 12, 2013 02:26 PM
If it ever happens again, you could of course hook up directly to it over ethernet.

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