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raygol Oct 27, 2013 06:39 AM
Smartboxes content disappeared in Mail 10.9

After installing 10.9 (upgrading) on my Macbook Pro all the content of my various smart mailboxes in my Mail 7 have disappeared.
Why, and especially, how I'll revived the content?

ghporter Oct 27, 2013 09:58 AM
I've moved your other thread from the Mac Desktop forum to the OS X forum because I'm certain it isn't a hardware issue. It appears you're not sure whether it's the app or the OS that's giving you problems, and I have no idea either, so I've left the (identical) duplicate threads intact.

The first rule of an OS upgrade/install/etc. is to back up your data. Is your Mail data backed up anywhere? All of mine is archived on my external drive or still on the IMAP server, so if my tweaks to Mail's organization get messed up, I still have the data. I even backed up the trivial stuff I keep in a couple of folders on my desktop before I upgraded (yesterday evening). So far I haven't found any issues at all; it seems that 10.9 even remembered what apps I was running when I started the upgrade...

I'm sure someone with Smartboxes experience will have an answer for your recovery question, but I'm more interested in why you had problems with that when I had such a smooth and essentially seamless upgrade experience.
raygol Oct 27, 2013 10:15 AM

Thanks for your mail and for your explanations.
I have a complete backup of all my content on an external Time Machine disk. I doubt if there is a solution.
My problem is not the deletion of data, since smart boxes in mail are duplicate of the data, and practically all my income mails in all my accounts is on my Mac.
The problem is specifically on my Macbook Pro, since on my iMac all smart box content is there with 10.9.
I am looking to a specific problem solution to this specific problem.
I hope you will be for help, or even giving me a way how to revive the content of these mail smart boxed from my TimeMachine backup, in the sense of kind a step by step instructions to find it and to bring it up to my machine.

Thanks again for any help
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