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And.reg Feb 2, 2014 02:57 PM
The "Bugs with NeoOffice" thread
Since the NeoOffice Org website wants people to pay to use their forums, and Apple's official software review pages aren't the right places to ask about bugs, I thought that I would open up the floor for still-yet-unresolved bugs with the software, now that it's $10 and nearly all avenues of getting the latest version are fading away.

The bugs that I would like to discuss are mostly for spreadsheets.

SPREADSHEETS 2013.1 AND 2013.2

1. NeoOffice crashes often. Sometimes it's random. The software is unstable. The Auto-Recovery is almost useless since it recovers a bunch of blank documents.

2. NeoOffice also will immediately crash if it tries to open a file at a file path deeper than 376 characters from the hard drive. I have to move the file a few directories up or it'll crash. (I think it's 376 characters, I checked the number using a few methods.)

What is it with programs and 8-bit file path string limitations? I have to have my files multiple folders deep in my hard drive and with long file names so that I can immediately find and distinguish my files apart from each other.

3. After a while of using a spreadsheet, I'll click on a column and type Command+ to add a column, and NeoOffice goes into an infinite loop. This doesn't happen if I use Command+ when I first start NeoOffice and then immediately use Command+ (Still present in 2013.2)

4a. After a while of using a spreadsheet, if I highlight and copy a lot of cells, say, 5000 in total, and then I click into a Finder window (not to paste anything, but just to switch to Finder), NeoOffice sends so much junk to the Finder clipboard that the multi-colored spinning indicator keeps spinning for a while, then another delay with the regular cursor, then I can finally access Finder items. I have to remember to clear the clipboard first. This issue does not occur for the first few minutes or so of using NeoOffice.

4b. After a while of using a spreadsheet, if I highlight and copy an entire column, Finder goes into an infinite loop. I have to Restart the Finder.

4. If I select a file name, in Finder, then I try to save a new NeoOffice spreadsheet and paste the file name, it replaces one of the CELLS with the file name, rather than actually name the FILE.

5. Sometimes, if I am using the row/column view dividers, and I am selecting/copying a couple thousand entries, NeoOffice will do something weird: I will then select a different cell altogether out of the highlighted zone...but NeoOffice thinks that I still have my click down when I don't, so wherever I click, it highlights all the cells from the first cell, in the **original** highlighted area, to wherever I click in the spreadsheet. There is nothing that I can do but close the window. (Still present in 2013.2)

6. If NeoOffice crashes too much in a day, and I re-open NeoOffice, it'll bounce in the Dock, but then it'll go away, and I have to restart NeoOffice.

7. Sometimes the entire menubar at the top of the screen (except for the menu for "NeoOffice") will disappear. Here's one of many routes to replicate the problem. In a spreadsheet, highlight a random bunch of cells. Then type both Command+ and Return in no more than 0.3 seconds apart from each other. Another route is if you type Command-F and Return. There are other routes. Once this happens, you can't use half of your keyboard commands... The problem is remedied by clicking out of the spreadsheet, then clicking back in to it. The problem is avoided if one waits more than the 0.3-ish seconds before executing the subsequent prompt in the sequence. This is not acceptable because I have to work rapidly with adding and removing cells in a large database. (Still present in 2013.2)

8. Sometimes, if I wait for a spreadsheet to open, and I am clicking around in a different spreadsheet, the rectangular black outline that tells me which cell I've selected disappears, until I switch to another spreadsheet.

I would have figured that by now the developers would have worked out these bugs...

Anyone else having these issues?
And.reg May 5, 2014 08:30 AM
[ 3 months later ]

Anyone else still having issues with NeoOffice?

Someone test out bugs #3 and need to be using NeoOffice spreadsheets for a while before these pop up. NeoOffice devs still haven't fixed these.
And.reg Jan 17, 2015 02:26 PM
[... 8 months later ...]

Bug #4 still exists.
lpkmckenna Jan 17, 2015 08:26 PM
I thought NeoOffice was dead. And, LibreOffice for Mac is available.
And.reg Jan 17, 2015 10:25 PM
Didn't that always require X11 or something? LibreOffice has been around I know but I thought that you had to use it in a certain environment. What's the difference between Fresh and Still? It doesn't say on their website.
reader50 Jan 18, 2015 12:44 PM
Fresh is a clean install. Still upgrades an existing install. Sorry, no booze stills included.
And.reg Jan 22, 2015 12:48 PM
Well I'll try LibreOffice... though I don't have a Java runtime environment installed on my Macbook, so I'm not sure how much of the program I can use. I still remember when NeoOffice needed Java for a lot of things, and I would prefer native cocoa if possible.

EDIT: Nope, LibreOffice has the same "Finder-hanging" bug that NeoOffice does. Plus it's way slower than NeoOffice and crashed when quitting. Uninstalling....
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