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ShortcutToMoncton Mar 20, 2014 10:53 AM
Good backup software to multiple drives?
I am looking to back up multiple hard drives (a Mac mini internal and two external drives in a 5-drive JBOD array). I would like to back each of these drives up to their own external hard drive, also in the JBOD array.

1. Mac Mini internal - backed up to JBOD HD #3
2. JBOD #1 - backed up to JBOD #4
3. JBOD #2 - backed up to JBOD #5

Formerly I had been backing all drives up to JBOD #3 using Time Machine, but now they have become too large for a single-drive backup. I messed around with Time Machine last night and I couldn't see that it would give me this sort of control over where each drive should back up. Am I missing something here, or will I require third-party software?
ShortcutToMoncton Mar 24, 2014 08:32 PM
Really? No one is backing up to more than one drive?
P Mar 25, 2014 03:41 AM
I suspect the answer is that Time Machine can't do that.
akent35 Mar 25, 2014 01:31 PM
Quote, Originally Posted by ShortcutToMoncton (Post 4271263)
Really? No one is backing up to more than one drive?
I do, for each of my machines.
abbaZaba Mar 25, 2014 01:32 PM
Time Machine can backup the partition it is installed on to multiple drives, but as far as what you want to do you need to look into Carbon Copy Cloner.
jvanart Mar 25, 2014 02:43 PM
Syncronize! Pro X is your solution...
I have had good luck so far with software called Syncronize! Pro X to not only simultaneously backup multiple drives/folders to a NAS, it also syncs my active jobs to the same NAS. It is very customizable and can run multiple scenarios to and from different drives.
jmiddel Mar 26, 2014 01:06 AM
I use SuperDuper.
ShortcutToMoncton Mar 26, 2014 01:38 PM
Thanks guys, I will look at each of those programs. Many thanks
donaldkepler Apr 7, 2014 05:11 AM
Backup Multiple Hard drives
Time machine can create backup of multiple volumes. If you dont want a volume to be backed up you can exclude that. But can not backedup multiple hard drives. If you are thinking to use a third party software then there are many softwares and utilities available like carbon copy cloner, stellar drive clone, Clonezilla, Acronis Backup & Recovery, Genie Backup Manager, (for windows) ShadowCopy V2.02 etc.
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