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  1. So long, and thanks for everything!
  2. NewerTech rolls out Kitchen Kit iPad stand, stylus for older iPads
  3. MacNN Deals: Three ways to keep your devices at full power
  4. Lizard Squad member convicted over 50,700 computer crime charges
  5. Briefly: Virgin America upgrades Wi-Fi, Russia wants safer selfies
  6. BBC finalizes design of micro:bit computer for children
  7. AMD ends active development of Mantle API optimizations
  8. Analysis: Apple Music and Home Sharing, one week later
  9. Daily Deals: Netgear router bundle, 55-inch 4K TV, podcast microphones
  10. Samsung warns of reduced operational profits in quarterly report
  11. Microsoft rebrands Xbox Music, Video as Groove, Movies & TV
  12. MacNN Deals: Improve your web design, app development skills
  13. Microsoft offers grants to universities for HoloLens research
  14. Briefly: TiVo discount for Aereo customers, Nest Cam reaches UK
  15. Eddy Cue Tweet: music Home Sharing may return in iOS 9
  16. The MacNN Podcast, episode 22: The Sound of (Apple) Music
  17. Daily Deals: Ultra HD Dell monitor, MSI notebook, Canon EOS Rebel T5i
  18. NBA star claims iPhone related injury responsible for lower accuracy
  19. Microsoft reportedly close to RTM Windows 10 build finalization
  20. Paypal enters into agreement to buy money transfer service Xoom
  21. Mac Game Review: Lego Jurassic World
  22. Polaroid upgrades Cube camera with Wi-Fi remote access
  23. Samsung ships 2TB 850 Pro, Evo 2.5-inch solid state drives
  24. GoPro rolls out Hero4 Session rugged sports camera
  25. MacNN Deals: Protect your passwords, data with these three deals
  26. LG Display starts mass production of AIT display panels for notebooks
  27. Comment: An independent artist's view on Apple Music
  28. MasterCard trials self portrait-based payment authentication
  29. Game Replay: Minecraft in Windows 10, Club Nintendo US ends
  30. Freedom Deals: Celebrate US independence with hefty store discounts
  31. Happy Fourth of July from MacNN and Electronista
  32. Reddit moderators set communities private to protest employee firing
  33. Alleged 'iPhone 6s' logic board, case suggest only internal upgrades
  34. Daily Deals: Curved LG monitor, 960GB SSD, Roomba cleaner
  35. Hands On: The Nightmare Cooperative 1.0 (Cross-Platform)
  36. Briefly: EE fined £1M in UK, Unofficial YouTube app on Android Wear
  37. MacNN Deals: Upgrade how you use the Apple Watch
  38. Plex forums breached, user data held to ransom by hacker
  39. Chicago extends existing laws to tax online services 9 percent
  40. Daily Deals: Bose Solo TV, MacBook Pro, Brother printer
  41. Prince removes music catalog from majority of streaming services
  42. Hands On: Hook 1.03 (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)
  43. MacNN Deals: Three discounted subscriptions for online services
  44. Some PC users won't get Windows 10 update on July 29 launch day
  45. Giveaway reminder: Win an Apple iMac with Retina 5K display
  46. BlueStacks releases Mac version of Android emulator
  47. Briefly: YouTube 60fps mode on mobile, White House lifts camera ban
  48. Hands On: The Firm 1.1.1 (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)
  49. Game Replay: Batman issues, Scrolls shutting down next year
  50. Hands On: Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition (OS X, Windows)
  51. Daily Deals: Mariner Software sale, Starbucks brewer, Wi-Fi extender
  52. Cisco launches bid to buy OpenDNS for $635 million
  53. Sony rolls out trio of high-end flagship wireless streaming speakers
  54. Ricoh unveils small-format 11x17 black and white LED printer
  55. Microsoft adds sixth Surface Pro 3 option, Surface 3 LTE on the way
  56. MacNN Deals: Three highly-portable Bluetooth speakers
  57. Sprint lifts 600kbps video stream restriction on All-In plan
  58. Internet users listen to Beats 1 stream without iOS, iTunes
  59. Acer launches XR341CK 34-inch curved QHD gaming monitor
  60. Huawei launches Honor 7 smartphone, Band Zero smartwatch
  61. Sprint launches 'All-In' plan that limits video stream bandwidth
  62. Apple finally launches iTunes 12.2, capping day of software updates
  63. Mac users seeing request to upgrade to unreleased iTunes 12.2 [u]
  64. Linksys ships range-boosting replacement antennas for home routers
  65. Hands On: Apple Music (iOS, OS X, Windows)
  66. GigSky utilizes Apple SIM for purchase of world-spanning data plans
  67. Uber acquires Bing mapping assets, 100 employees from Microsoft
  68. Daily Deals: 128GB iPad Air, GoPro Hero3+, Samsung curved HDTV
  69. Hands On: Poly Bridge (OS X, Windows in early access)
  70. Apple falls at appeals court, $450M e-book antitrust ruling upheld
  71. Apple Music, iOS 8.4 update are on the air; servers hammered [u]
  72. European Parliament adopts net neutrality rules, ends roaming fees
  73. MacNN Deals: Three ways to improve the way you charge mobile devices
  74. LG Chem creates higher-capacity hexagonal batteries for smartwatches
  75. Briefly: Sprint Direct 2 You in more cities, Amazon Prime Now in UK
  76. The MacNN Podcast, episode 21: Writing your app in (Taylor) Swift
  77. Uber executives detained in France following French taxi strike
  78. One Musical Group crowd funding MFi Smart Piano, Light Keyboard
  79. Frigidaire launches Wi-Fi-enabled window Cool Connect Air Conditioner
  80. Daily Deals: 1TB SSD, $300 50-inch HDTV, IP surveillance camera
  81. Railroad crossing locations to be highlighted in Google Maps
  82. Barclaycard expands NFC payments in UK with bPay devices
  83. MacNN Deals: Keep healthy and shop smarter with iOS gadgets
  84. Hands On: Cogmind (PC)
  85. Briefly: BBM update includes $1 private chats, Malwarebytes amnesty
  86. Hands On: iOS 9 Preview for iPad Air 2
  87. Game Replay: Star Wars alpha, bug bounties, Fallout 4 bottle caps
  88. Hands On: Her Story (OS X, iOS, Windows)
  89. MacNN's Week That Was: June 21 through June 28
  90. Sirius XM settles majority of pre-'72 music catalog royalty suits
  91. Google's Sidewalk Labs launches big city free Wi-Fi program in NYC
  92. Viral Beats Solo 2 headphone teardown likely not of genuine product
  93. Paypal, eBay split approved by board of directors, awaits regulators
  94. Meyer Optik resurrecting Trioplan f2.8/100 bokeh lens on Kickstarter
  95. Technology in Recovery: Out of the ER, into the fire
  96. Daily Deals: Canon multifunction printer, Monoprice camera, Apple TV
  97. Apple Watch to expand to three new countries July 17
  98. Lenovo design vice president proposes retro ThinkPad creation
  99. MacNN Deals: A trio of offers for the Apple Watch
  100. Update: Clue 1.9.1 and P Tracker 9.3.3 (iOS, Android)
  101. Archos PC Stick offers Windows 10 PC in an HDMI dongle
  102. Briefly: Amazon Prime Instant Video HDR, Netflix gift cards in UK
  103. Amazon opens up Alexa service to other developers, creates $100M fund
  104. Review: PWR Case by Prong
  105. Daily Deals: UE Mini Boom, 42-inch Ultra HD TV, iPad Air
  106. Taylor Swift licenses '1989' album to Apple Music
  107. MacNN Deals: Improve your productivity with Mac apps
  108. T-Mobile reduces cost, increases upgrade frequency of Jump program
  109. Roxio launches Toast 14 Titanium, Toast 14 Pro with software suite
  110. Giveaway: Win the Master Chief special edition Xbox One console
  111. Facebook Messenger now works without social network account
  112. Samsung installing software to disable automatic Windows Updates
  113. T-Mobile users report spontaneous iPhone rebooting
  114. Game Replay: Destiny pricing, Red Bull, Batman issues
  115. Google attacked by privacy advocates over Chromium voice prompt code
  116. Adobe updates Flash Player to fix 'actively exploited' flaw
  117. Pointers: Summer Project: E-publishing, part five
  118. Daily Deals: MSI gaming notebook, Sharp Aquos HDTV, Borderlands
  119. Kenwood flagship CarPlay and Android Auto multimedia units shipping
  120. MacNN Deals: Give your iPhone more power with these external batteries
  121. Briefly: Showtime on Hulu, Google makes Undo Send a Gmail feature
  122. Giveaway: Win an Apple iMac with Retina 5K Display worth $2,000
  123. Saffron Silk Light Kickstarter promises better sleep through LED tech
  124. Last Call: Big Deal photography bargain bundle ends Thursday
  125. Amazon changes KDP Select royalty payments to 'per page' system
  126. Meizu MX4 running Ubuntu launching in Europe tomorrow for €300
  127. Free advertising-supported playlists added to Google Play Music
  128. Classic Mac OS System 7.5.5 made to run on Apple Watch
  129. Daily Deals: Asus Notebook, WD external drive, Sony Handycam
  130. Samsung, Red Hat team up for mobile enterprise deployment
  131. Verizon finalizes AOL purchase, doles out $50 per share
  132. Apple becomes voting member of Bluetooth design and spec group
  133. Microsoft clarifies blog post about Insider upgrades to Windows 10
  134. Review: iHome iBT74 Color Changing Bluetooth Speaker
  135. Seagate ships single-platter Backup Plus Portable, adds OneDrive, Lyve
  136. MOTU ships Digital Performer 9 with MX4 MultiSynth
  137. Lenovo reveals ideacentre Stick 300 as compact HDMI dongle-based PC
  138. MacNN Deals: iPhone 5 on FreedomPop and two Bluetooth speakers
  139. Primera Trio portable printer, scanner launched
  140. Amazon makes Echo speaker available to all US customers
  141. Epson adds stereo cameras to Moverio Pro BT-2000 smart glasses
  142. Kickstarter-funded CST-01 e-ink watch project fails
  143. The MacNN Podcast, episode 20: E3 for me, see?
  144. Review: Logitech Gaming Daedalus Prime mouse
  145. Acer reveals Chromebase all-in-one computer with Tegra K1 processor
  146. Daily Deals: iPad Air 2, 1TB portable hard drive, V-Moda headphones
  147. Briefly: Pebble Time pre-orders begin, Raspberry Pi cases
  148. Sony shipping Ultra HD Android TV sets in United States
  149. Sony reveals 1TB storage upgrade to PlayStation 4
  150. Game Replay: World of Warcraft patch, Dota 2 Reborn beta
  151. Review: Apple Watch
  152. Reminder: Big Deal photography bundle ends Thursday
  153. Review: Solpro Helios Smart solar-powered device charger
  154. Major apps fail to protect user passwords with HTTPS encryption
  155. Hands On: Homeworld Remastered Collection (Windows)
  156. Apple to replace 3TB hard drives in late 2012 model 27-inch iMacs
  157. Daily Deals: OCZ SSDs, Lenovo 4K display, Roku Streaming Stick
  158. Briefly: Marvel comics on Kindle, UK Post Office launches carrier
  159. Original iPad mini quietly discontinued from online Apple store
  160. Microsoft advises HoloLens will keep limited AR field of view
  161. Verizon not meeting FiOS promises in NYC, audit discovers
  162. Samsung issues fix for keyboard update vulnerability in Galaxy devices
  163. Toshiba outs new notebooks in five Satellite ranges
  164. FCC votes to extend Lifeline phone program to broadband
  165. AMD unveils Radeon R9 Fury, R9 300, R7 300-series graphics cards
  166. Daily Deals: HP Flyer notebook, Samsung NX300, LG 4K smart TV
  167. Synology ships new two-bay DS215+, DS715 NAS devices
  168. DxO One camera connects through Lightning, offers 20.2MP image capture
  169. Ricoh adds Wi-Fi, NFC to new GR II digital camera
  170. Canon PowerShot G3 X has 20.2MP sensor, 25x optical zoom
  171. Nest launches Cam, upgraded Protect, new Thermostat software
  172. HP adds new Pavilion x2, updated Envy notebooks to product catalog
  173. Hands On: BitTorrent Shoot 1.0.35 (cross-platform)
  174. E3 Game Replay: Backwards compatibility, Samsung Game Recorder+ app
  175. FCC plans to fine AT&T $100M over 'unlimited' data plan throttling
  176. Daily Deals: Dell monitor, sen.se Mother, Slingbox 350
  177. The Big Deal: pro photography bundle saves money, benefits charities
  178. Flaw in Samsung keyboard update system puts 600M devices at risk
  179. Update: US stores now accepting in-store pickup of Apple Watch
  180. Cloud storage camera iLuv mySight includes movement, audio triggers
  181. Apple sandboxing flaw attack revealed, cross-app data theft possible
  182. Analysis: 2015 Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony E3 press events
  183. Samsung bolsters M3, P3 portable drive line with 4TB capacity
  184. LG introduces 2015 LED projector lineup with screen mirroring modes
  185. E3: Razer upgrades Mamba gaming mouse with 5G laser sensor
  186. Australian Apple Stores now stocking Apple Watch for in-store sales
  187. E3 Game Replay: Nintendo, Sony, Ubisoft's events
  188. Apple strips Monster of MFi licensing over Beats Electronics lawsuit
  189. Daily Deals: Samsung printer, 3TB drive for $75, SSD external storage
  190. Editorial: WSJ stoops to clickbait with silly anti-Mac article
  191. Jaguar Land Rover demos low-speed remote driving through phone app
  192. Misfit update adds HealthKit, smart home integrations to Flash tracker
  193. Ultimate Ears shrinks UE Boom style into disc-shaped UE Roll
  194. FCC assigns ombudsman for fielding Open Internet complaints
  195. E3 Briefly: PlayStation Vue expands reach, Destiny: The Taken King
  196. Review: ThinkPad Helix
  197. Adobe updates Creative Cloud apps, introduces Stock option
  198. The MacNN Podcast, episode 19: Succumb to the Beats surrender
  199. E3 Game Replay: Bethesda, Microsoft, EA's event roundup
  200. LastPass suffers user info theft, password repository remains secure
  201. Six15 Technologies launches Infinity Platform smartglasses
  202. Daily Deals: 960GB SSD, 128GB iPad Air, Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus
  203. E3: Xbox One gets Xbox 360 backwards compatibility, new controller [u]
  204. E3: Starbreeze takes on Oculus with StarVR headset with QHD panels
  205. Briefly: Spotify Taste Rewind, Amazon patents ear-based unlocking
  206. 3M boosts display line with 55-inch Full HD model with 60 point touch
  207. Netgear ships Nighthawk V7000 AC Wi-Fi, DSL modem combo device
  208. Amazon reveals customer data request figures in transparency report
  209. E3: Bethesda grows Fallout universe on mobile with Fallout Shelter
  210. Review: Rocki Wi-Fi audio streamer
  211. HTC denies potential acquisition talks with Asus following reports
  212. Game Replay: Dota 2 Reborn announced, Ryu in Super Smash Bros.
  213. FCC's Open Internet rules go live, enforcement efforts commence
  214. Apple releases contractors on Campus 2 project
  215. Hands On: Osmo, a Tangible Play system (iPad)
  216. Budget that will hobble FCC Open Internet enforcement up for vote
  217. Briefly: Showtime on Roku and PlayStation Vue, Nickelodeon on Roku
  218. Google takes on Twitch directly with YouTube Gaming launch
  219. Daily Deals: MacBook Pro, Gigabyte notebook, $200 39-inch TV
  220. Parrot bolsters MiniDrones range with 13 land, air, sea craft
  221. French data regulator orders Google to expand 'Right to be Forgotten'
  222. Reuters: BlackBerry may produce Android-based smartphones
  223. Briefly: Google Slides wireless update, Twitch adds private messaging
  224. Logitech G29, G920 Driving Force steering wheels revealed
  225. Consumer Oculus Rift VR headset, controllers unveiled
  226. Daily Deals: Thunderbolt display, $20 Blu-ray player, Steam Sale
  227. Jawbone files lawsuit alleging Fitbit infringed fitness patents
  228. Hands On: Rebelle 1.0.1 (OS X, Windows)
  229. European anti-trust agency launches probe about Amazon e-book sales
  230. Twitter allows users to export, share, import account block lists
  231. Review: iHome GlowTunes headphones
  232. Briefly: Netflix for Marriott guests, PlayStation Vue on iPad
  233. Game Replay: Halo 5 DLC maps will be free, Hearthstone 'Tavern Brawls'
  234. Sony refreshes Cyber-shot line with RX100 IV and RX10 II cameras
  235. Sony launches 42.4MP α7R II interchangeable lens camera
  236. Briefly: Tesla Powerwall output changes, Mercedes-Benz energy storage
  237. Leica debuts high-end Leica Q digital compact camera
  238. Daily Deals: Sony Bluetooth speaker, Beats Pill, iTunes credit
  239. Review: Spotcam Wireless HD security camera
  240. TiVo Online provides in-browser DVR streams, but only on home network
  241. Briefly: YouTube gains 8K videos, PlayStation Now on Samsung TVs
  242. Hands On: Survivor Squad Gauntlets (OS X, Windows)
  243. Apple confirms sensor-equipped vans are for Maps enhancements
  244. Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 Plus has 18-month battery life
  245. Pointers: Summer Project -- E-publishing, part three
  246. Review: Fujitsu ScanSnap iX100
  247. Daily Deals: $50 iTunes credit for $40, laser printer, iPad mini 3
  248. Facebook offers free Bluetooth beacons to US businesses
  249. Microsoft confirms Xbox One 1TB console, controller upgrades
  250. MacNN Deals: Upgrade your development, creative skills

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