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  1. added SSD to iMac
  2. Fixed an unexpected logic board problem
  3. Qi Hack for iPhone?
  4. Build Your Own Mac Pro
  5. Custom Cooling a Time Capsule
  6. I am looking for....
  7. Transfer MBP guts to old machine?
  8. Yay! Upgraded my iMac G5 logic board
  9. Here we go again: Shif's next LCD upgrade project (white non-unibody MB)
  10. I Need Validation,..or the CRAZY HOUSE is next.
  11. Can you still flash PC videocards?
  12. Hacked Router Firmware
  13. 2nd hard disc to mirror boot drive
  14. Hacked ROM for Macintosh - Custom boot chime and icons!
  15. Putting a higher resolution, matte display in a MacBook
  16. Hiding an optical drive in everyday objects - suggestions welcome
  17. need help using 'internal' trackpad over wireless usb hub
  18. Early 2006 iMac CPU & RAM upgrades
  19. Mac mini eSata port
  20. dedicated forum for Hackintosh discussions
  21. Any hackintosh/PC builders
  22. Building a Core i5 Mac Pro-equivalent Hackintosh, from start to finish
  23. Apple Portrait Display iPad holder
  24. Re-housing a Macbook
  25. Mac+Windows
  26. My classic icon on my iphone and macbook
  27. SSD in express 34 slot or mini pcie
  28. MacBook Air SuperDrive on any Mac or PC
  29. iMac with built-in coffee machine
  30. Custom rear bezel for my Color Classic 575
  31. Color Classic 640x480 hires screen hack
  32. Possible to put a fancy new trackpad in an old iBook G4 (1.2GHz)
  33. iMac slotloader -12V
  34. Graphite Airport ideas
  35. What to do with an empty iMac PCI port
  36. PB g4 1.5Ghz logic board to stand alone
  37. G5 - AGP - Video Card Flashing?
  38. Can the Flat Panel Display be used for anything else?
  39. My Hackintosh - works great!
  40. MacBook cooling
  41. Hackintosh Netbook -> Leopard OS -> iPhone SDK?
  42. iBook clamshell mod - a plan
  43. Not exactly a mac mod, but a hardware mod question... (SATA-card modding)
  44. Possible Mod?
  45. Additional Case Fan for Mac Pro: Good reason!
  46. Install Second G5 Processor
  47. Apple Pro Speakers
  48. Flashed Nvidia 7800 utilities?
  49. Macbook/pro Custom Case?
  50. anyone near CT who can help me flash a card...
  51. custom paint your macbook pro yourself
  52. G-Celerator heatsink question
  53. Headless G3 iMacs
  54. Power plug not present for new heat sink fan
  55. +5V line in Powerbook G4 1.33GHz
  56. help with flashing 9800 gt
  57. One of the coolest mods EVER. Check this out!
  58. gumdrop/dome/sunflower G4 screen hack
  59. Need custom heatsink milled - who does this?
  60. iMac 2.16 Core Duo upgrade
  61. imac G3 DV tangerine G4 conversion
  62. Powermac G3 front panel board to a Powermac G4 motherboard?
  63. Mac Mini case mods #641 - Apple Disk ][ drive
  64. Build your own Mac?
  65. MSI fx5200 128mb on G4
  66. g5 cd mounting plate.
  67. Hacking or Changing Battery Cycle Count
  68. quad 2.5 g5 in powermac g5 2.7 case
  69. 99p mac mod....
  70. Flash ATI RADEON 9800 XT - unsuccessful
  71. MacQuarium
  72. Mix and Match
  73. speech program, talk when log in
  74. Custom Apple Cases
  75. replacing my hard drive
  76. Powerbook G4 VGA Logic Board Compatibility
  77. Custom Anodizing?
  78. Using Migration assistant with hackintosh
  79. Terminal Trick Gone Wrong
  80. Soldering iPhone headphone cord to different headphones?
  81. iBook 1.0 & 1.2 GHz motherboards interchangeable?
  82. Replacing HD on Powerbook G4
  83. iTab (DIY Mac Tablet)
  84. Aluminum PowerBook Hard drive replacement
  85. Should I no longer trust a disk with bad superblocks?
  86. g3 powerbook keyboard as usb keyboard
  87. Modding blue & white G3 case
  88. Source of iMac HD Bracket Parts?
  89. Need help Installing Drive in MBP
  90. Upgrade Graphics in Beige G3 Desktop?
  91. New Motherboard for old mac??
  92. Chessbook Macbook
  93. Upgrade CPU on PowerMac G5 ???
  94. What to do with a broken macbook pro?
  95. qs DP 1Ghz in DA ?
  96. Making a Pismo PRAM Battery [Image Heavy]
  97. Remove Intel GMA950 lock?
  98. Airport Express USB power mod
  99. iBook "SSD" + RAID mod
  100. What to do with a G4 Cube
  101. Can you get a Mini to drive a 30" Cinema?
  102. Mac Pro- ATI X1900 cooling MOD
  103. what's the best processor a 2006 mac pro can upgrade to?
  104. Taking apart a PowerMac G3 B&W
  105. AppleTV 2 - Hackable?
  106. Adding a HD - transferring the OS???
  107. Silencing the new Mac Pro's 8800GT
  108. What to do with my Powerbook G4 1.67 battery?
  109. Frankenbook 12"
  110. Imac Skins or Decals?
  111. 12" PB Logic board
  112. What IR Receivers do Apple use?
  113. PB G4 Ti with upgraded logic board
  114. GigE with Giga upgrade - fan problems
  115. forgot my username and password
  116. Strange "rescource busy" problem DiskUtility
  117. Replacing IDE HD in Powerbook 12" with a SSD...32gb??
  118. Replace Hard Drive with Flash Card "SSD"
  119. region-free (RPC1) UJ-816 powerbook G4 won't install leopard from DVD
  120. Which G4 power macs will take a PC power supply?
  121. Clamshell Internal Bluetooth Mod - It MIGHT Actually Be Possible
  122. Converting Macbook to Dvorak layout...
  123. Pismo motherboard replacement?
  124. iMac G3 (Slot) with new hardware
  125. Building a USB Hub
  126. System 7.1 on a G5
  127. Macintosh Plus Mod ??
  128. Clamshell digital picture project
  129. eMac hacking
  130. thermal paste powerbook G4 12"
  131. Best CompactFlash card for a iPod mini?
  132. MacBook Pro/AlBook with Titanium Keyboard
  133. front usb on a quicksilver?
  134. New Mac User with Upgrade Questions
  135. Macally FMCup transmit hack?
  136. Turning iMac G4 into picture frame
  137. MacBook Pro LCD Transplant
  138. Hacking a WaveLan Silver card to work as an Airport card
  139. How do you flip the cinema display 90 degrees?
  140. G4 Mac Mini and LCD Inside G3 iMac Case?
  141. Clamshell Cooling Mods?
  142. Powerbook Upgrade
  143. MacBook Mods List
  144. LCD replace for a 15.4" MacBook Pro
  145. Custom Painting (For all types of hardware)
  146. Bondi iMac + Xbox Hack idea
  147. Custom Coloured Clamshells - Any Ideas on How to Do It?
  148. Sonnet Tempo Trio For Win Flashed to Mac?
  149. Are their limits on hard drives in Powerbooks?
  150. Overclocking C2D iMacs
  151. Windows GPUs in a Mac Pro?
  152. nic drivers?
  153. Max Hard Drive for 15" Powerbook
  154. dock icons
  155. Putting Wimdows Hardware in a Mac Pro
  156. Question about upgrading HardDrive
  157. DIY Apple booklet server
  158. PB G4 Upgrade
  159. The worst computer mod I've ever done...
  160. Macbook hard drive upgrade question...
  161. Mac Mini Problem after upgrading
  162. Apple superdrive (Matsushita model UJ-816-C) caddy or external casing?
  163. Modify 23" Cinema Displays
  164. !BANG! Anyone got info on component level parts for Ti powerbook logic board?
  165. Quickest Mac Mod Ever
  166. Finding a New Videocard
  167. Someone wanna mod my PB for a price?
  168. *NEON MOD* - Power Mac G5 - PICTURES!!
  169. Powerbook Batt Adapter > Magsafe, possible?
  170. To USB or not to USB, that is the question!
  171. Zalman cooler-ATI 9800XT-QS DP 1.0Ghz
  172. Changing color of the Apple logo on my PB
  173. Electronic signature capture
  174. iColours review
  175. PowerBook G4 trackpad change ...
  176. 24" iMac Screen Hack
  177. Put a 12" PB Lcd into a 12" ibook G4
  178. Proper Vga Card In A MacBook?
  179. Cooling overclock'd Dual G4?
  180. Painting ibook
  181. MacBook backlit keyboard?
  182. Upgrading HD in 17" MacBook Pro to 160GB 7200RPM?
  183. ibook g4 board in g3 case
  184. Mac mini with a real 3D card?
  185. iMac G3/400 mhz problem with external HD mounting
  186. The return of Sawtooth II
  187. changing macbook logo color
  188. Replacement case for Powermac G5?
  189. Quicksilver 2002 G4 possible modding
  190. drop a 12" powerbook into a clamshell case?
  191. What to do with old PowerMac G4 500MHz
  192. G4 Digital Audio logic board in QS Box...
  193. disassemble apple remote... stumped
  194. 2 processors one G3 B&W?
  195. Projects with a G4 Cube case?
  196. New Mod project: PowerTV
  197. How to Extend Display Ribbon on ibook g4?
  198. G4 CPU downgrades
  199. Can I turn an internal powerbook keyboard into an external USB keyboard?
  200. Can I reskin my iBook?
  201. Can you replace CPU or PS in G4 533?
  202. Got any cool hacks for a macbook?
  203. anyother touch screen projects?
  204. imac G3 600 board into 400 machine
  205. iBook G4. what's some cool stuff I can do to it?
  206. Degraded latching action on AL Powerbook
  207. noisy hard drive
  208. Can I install a faster processor in my macbook?
  209. Update graphics card for G5
  210. Repainting a G4 Titanium PB?
  211. "T-cal" noise in 160GB Seagate notebook drive???
  212. my flying toasters machine
  213. Non Destructive Mac Mini eSATA Hard Disk Mod
  214. My Powerbook Photo Frame..
  215. Fixing a Power Plug
  216. How to Lap A DualCore?
  217. External LCD off laptop power
  218. Any 24" iMac mods I should be aware of?
  219. Upgrading MBP Hard drive; self-install
  220. Dead B&W G3
  221. Resurrect iCook
  222. iBook overclocking
  223. macbook with a matte screen...
  224. 1 or 2 fans on Sonnet 2x1.6GHz cpu upgrade card?
  225. make your own optibay?
  226. Replacing My G4 Powerbook Screen - Using the Extra Pixels
  227. PowerLogix CPU Director: No Temperature on G4s?
  228. trouble flashing pioneer 110D ; appears to be RPC-2 locked
  229. Painted clamshell??
  230. Strange card found in Mac II
  231. Dual 1.25 upgrades?
  232. My eMac plans
  233. controller for tabletized ibook
  234. Help! Upgraded G3 400 to G4 600 - doesn't boot...
  235. Upgrading HD in a iMac G3 HELP!
  236. Use old PB screen as portable external monitor?
  237. Vintage Mac model adhesives...?
  238. What kind of RAM to buy and where?
  239. osx on non apple
  240. Clamshell iBook-disable soldered memory via firmware ?
  241. Can a SATA controller card ruin disks?
  242. overclocking
  243. ibook isight
  244. Need PowerComputing Tower Drive Rails
  245. Powerbook firewire port failure workaround?
  246. Pismo G4 Upgrade
  247. MDD modifications
  248. Super drive in PB 867????
  249. Sonnet CPU upgrade to G4 MDD
  250. 15" PB illuminated keyboard

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