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andi*pandi Jul 18, 2012 08:12 AM
Web Pictogram Fonts and Font Mapping Tools.
Back in days of yore, I used to print out font samples. It was pretty handy for flipping through and choosing fonts. Nowadays for web, I don't pick as many fonts... or I use the universal type client to search for fonts... but for symbol/wingding fonts, it's still nice to have these references to know that typing "N" in zaph dingbats will get you a square bullet.

Lately I've been seeing some buzz about using pictogram web fonts on websites for icons, the way we used to use wingdings in print. Sweet! But how to know which letter types what?

1) In OSX, Apple ditched the nifty little app which showed the keys for special fonts.
2) Apple created Font Book, which works well enough... but doesn't print keyboard mapped samples.
3) Adobe has the Glyph palette, which works in Illustrator and InDesign... but not Photoshop. Copying and pasting from illustrator to photoshop is tiresome.

How to know which font has which symbols? The international keyboard thing sucks. I googled and googled and didn't find anything that could do this simple layout. Then I dragged out my old font reference book and looked at the name of the app used... FontBook. Does it still exist?

YES. Why didn't apple buy this?

Thorzdad Jul 18, 2012 08:23 AM
Back in the real days of yore, I had shelves full of specimen books from my local type houses.

But, yeah, it is a bit frustrating not having a ready reference for glyphs and dingbats and whatnot. Does FontExplorerX might do something along the lines of this. But, I haven't used it in ages, so I can't really say.
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