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cwashii Aug 17, 2002 06:23 PM
9600 Processor card in a 7600 ?!?
I have a 233mhz processor card (from a Powermac 9600) that i tried to put in my Powermac 7600/120mhz...

It worked okay, outside of using AOL. When AOL was used, it kept crashing [closing AOL w/ "error type 3" message), again and again, even with help from AOL customer service.

I put the 120mhz card back in; everything went back to running fine.

I know that that some 9600 cards (the Mach5's - 250mhz to 350mhz) cannot work on anything but the machines they came in. I also know that the 9600's use different wattage and volts than the 7300-7600's ... is THAT the source of my problems?

Jodar Aug 19, 2002 12:27 PM
Re: 9600 Processor card in a 7600 ?!?
[QUOTE]Originally posted by cwashii:

It worked okay, outside of using AOL. When AOL was used, it kept crashing [closing AOL w/ "error type 3" message), again and again, even with help from AOL customer service.

Type 3 errors with AOL is common especially with 5.0 for Classic. Usually the art database is the culprit. I'd trash it and would also make sure you have enough RAM allocated to the application and restart it.:)
Sword of Orion Aug 23, 2002 02:04 AM
I put a 200 MHz 604e upgrade card into my PM7600, along with a 1 MB L2 cache upgrade. The upgrade card raised the system bus speed from 44 to 50 MHz, and the cache was clearly marked "not to exceed 50 MHz bus speed". I wonder if the 233 MHz card has raised the bus speed above the capabilities of the cache? Did the faster CPU daughtercards use a bus speed multiplier that kept the system bus speed below 50 MHz? Or did the faster systems use faster cache? EDIT: I just checked Apple's web site, and turns out the 9600/233 ran a 46.6 MHz bus speed, so ignore my entire post!

BTW, in case you're curious, the cache upgrade made as big a difference to performance as the CPU upgrade. I highly recommend it! Don't know where you would find any cache for an old machine, though...
zac4mac Aug 23, 2002 08:58 AM
I put my 8500's 2nd processor, a 604e-233, in a 7500 I have to talk to my DSL modem(serial port, not present on DP G4 plugged into DSL).
The 7500 doesn't do much besides SETI tho, unless I need to reprogram the modem.
The 7500 was a 601-100 originally I think, the 8500 was 604-120 -> 604e-233 -> G3-400@454.
I use the 8500 at work so I'm not stuck on the PC they provided.
Check your L2 cache, both machines came with only 256k of slow RAM, a 1MB fast L2 will help a lot. So will interleaving EDO 60ns RAM.

Sword of Orion Aug 23, 2002 04:51 PM
So the stock 256k cache is slow? Then it still could be a bus speed problem?

zac4mac- is EDO memory compatible with non-EDO memory? I notice that Other World Computing has old memory real cheap, and I'm thinking about maxing out my 7600 and using it as a Linux box. So I'm curious if EDO memory will play nice with the memory that's already in there, or if I'll have to take out the existing memory in order to use EDO... (BTW, the existing memory MIGHT be EDO - I can't physically get at the machinge right now...)
zac4mac Sep 5, 2002 03:19 PM
SoO: You can mix and match EDO/FPM/60ns/70ns etc., but you can't interleave and sometimes you'll have stability issues. I have around 100MB of just that type of bastard combination in my 7500, 704 MB interleaved EDO in the 8500. Memory throughput according to Gauge Pro on the 8500 is double that of the 7500.
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