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Vanquish Aug 25, 2002 05:22 PM
advice for a second mac
Well, I'm going to need a second mac (second hand) for my new house in the south of France, I'm not interested in buying a brand new one, because it won't be used that much).
The OS will be a dual-boot OS9.1 and a Linux distro (I donít think you can find a computer that runs OSX reasonable, who is in the price-range)
Iím planning to run Photoshop 6 or 7 on it and Office 2001, and of course it will be used for internet/mail/IM (probably on an ADSL connection). Iím will need to be able to connect my Nikon Coolpix 995 to it so Iím going to need a USB-interface. I would also like a RAID-setup (the one-big-hard-drive-version not the safety-I-have-everything-double-lame-version). So what I already saw is a PowerMac 9600/350. Is this a good choice? I would also like to be able to use the voice verification in OS9 so an Apple PlainTalk mic would be needed, is it any good ? As a printer I chose an LaserWriter Select 310. As for the monitor: I am interested in a ColorSync 20" or a StudioDisplay 17", can you recommend these one or another one ? (I'm especially interested in the ColorSync 20"). Iím willing to add an Asantť Fast 10/100 ethernet card, for fast networking between the PowerMac and an other eMac that will be there (and for using an Inkjet thatís connected to that eMac. A Voodoo 3 PCI will be used instead of the standad video-card (unless someone else says not to go for this one). I would also like to upgrade the RAM to 768 MB or maybe the full 1,5 GB (if it isnít too expensive). So does anyone reccomend this setup ? or does it totally suck :d ? What is your opnion/ideas ? Could someone give a few names of expansion cards I need (USB, Ethernet, maybe other video-cards, etc.). I wonít be needing FireWire. And one last thing: does anyone have any experience with a Orange PCfx 650 card (the one with the Pentium 200 on it).

My budget is around Ä1000 / $1000

PS: Iím not interesten in an iMac.
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