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redandwhites Aug 28, 2002 07:15 AM
Drinking heavily cause of "unimplemented trap" error: 9.2 update

1. I have a G3 500 and love it. With MacOS Z-9.1 and trying to update to 9.2. CD is in the drive, I boot holding down C, the disk doesn't boot.

2. I get to the desktop again, select the CD as startup disk, and reboot, and get a bomb with:

"Sorry, a system error...unimplemented trap...To temp turn off extensions, restart and hold down the shift key". So, like, I hold down shift, same error again. Eject CD, Powerbook reboots back to desktop.

3. Sigh. Finished a bottle of vodka.

4. I looked at but, er, this didn't help. "When you consistently get unimplemented trap errors, you should look at the software on your hard disk since it could be corrupted, or incompatible." Hmmm.. ok then...extensions are off you told me to...

5. I searched at!keywords=unimplemented%20trap but most of this seems OSX related

... - - - ...

Assistance appreciated.
Cipher13 Aug 30, 2002 06:53 AM
Is this an original CD you're trying to boot from? It sounds pretty messed up. Reset you PRAM and try again.

You may need special components to boot from a CD on that machine, but AFAIK, the G3 500 PB's were tolerant of this (all systems were up until the USB era; the PBG3 is a member of that era, however, operates differently), so I can't imagine that's the problem, but I'll get you to do this anyway - find the original CD's that came with the system, and try to boot from one of the system CD's (install or restore).

Does it work?
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