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digiology Sep 1, 2002 06:57 PM
Creating partitions
I have OS 8.5 installed on my mac performa, and I want to install OS 7.5.3 on it in a different partition with the same hard drive. How do I do this? Do i need any special software?
MacMonster Sep 2, 2002 01:40 AM
Re: Creating partitions
You need a program called "Drive Setup" to partition your hard disk drive. Drive Setup should come with the system CD. Please note that partitioning will cause all the data in the disk to be lost !!!

In Drive Setup, first select the drive you want, then click the "Initialize" button. A dialog show up, then click the "Custom Setup" button to setup the partitions in your disk.
digiology Sep 6, 2002 02:25 PM
I made two partitions one Mac OS extended for OS8.5, and one Mac OS standard partition for OS 7.5.3. I have OS 8.5 installed but when I insert the performa CD (with OS7.5.3 on it) and try to "restore system software) it says it cant intall Apple extras, then it says it cant install Apple vide player, and syays the same message for all the software. Is it trying to intall it on the partition(it doesnt let you choose in the intaller) it also mentions it cant intall it because the CD may be damaged, it seem perfect though.

Any help?
gsxrboy Sep 16, 2002 03:29 AM
Are you trying to install from the cd, ie booting off of the cd?
digiology Sep 19, 2002 01:24 PM
Yeah I am booting off the cd. I think I know what I did wrong, I think I have to install OS7.5.3 first and then OS8.5 after.
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