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Burn Sep 22, 2002 09:06 PM
Turning a 7200 into a Server?

Need some help..

I have an old 7200/120 coming back into my life (mom was using it for the email). I want to max out the ram and vram.. already have a monitor or three that will work with it.. may even bury it somewhere and access it as a headless box from my Ti?
I don't know to what extent it will be used.. most likely ONLY for file serving.. maybe a tiny tiny bit of personal web-hosting.. holding gig's and gig's of mp3's.. running QTSS (or similar)

I assume 9.2.2 is as high as that machine is going to go.. unless I spring for one of those processor upgrades that have come out recently.. I don't think they're worhy for the 7200.. but getting cheaper all the time.. who knows

Anyway - where do I start? I guess I need a Hub? I have ADSL here at home.. maybe a switch for the added protection? Should I bother with any special configurations outside of Appleshare? I guess that's my only route when accessing with the Ti? Could install a Firewire card I suppose..

If anyone could share some experiences/advice I would be Uber-appreciative.

smic Sep 24, 2002 12:11 AM
i just got a 6100 just givin to me and want to do the same, im gettin a switch, but it sounds like for you it shouldnt matter to much, cause with a switch it can 'switch' between 10/100 where a hub is stuck at whatever the lowest machine is, but since u only have 2 things on the network it wouldnt matter to much, just get a 10/100 hub or switch, they cost almost the same now

and im stickin with 8.6 for the 6100 since it takes so much less memory, and the extra features in 9 would be kinda useless to u since you are using it with appleshare anyways

but thats just my thoughts, but 8.6 runs faster for me, and i have 72mb of memory
Burn Sep 24, 2002 12:36 AM
Thanks smic,

Interesting - You're in Slurrey? I'm in Victoria :-) Neighbours.

I hear you with OS9 vs 8.6
I just maaaay want to use the machine from time to time (for useless work like ripping CD's or something).. I will investigate any shortfalls

Only reason I was thinking switch - does it not supply a bit more security if used for server purposes? I am not going to be serving any warez.. just my own **** for work and friends so I don't need Fort Knox security..
smic Sep 25, 2002 02:21 AM
ya surrey sucks, never move here

but ya, as far as i know switches arent anymore secuer, routers mostley are, future shop has a bunch, and on the box it says if it has a firewall and whatever other features like ipsec, or a print server

but futureshop is the best for selection i think
mac-at-kearsarge Oct 13, 2002 02:30 AM
Technically speaking, what you want in fact is a router. This wil take the incoming connection from the ADSL and distrbute it as nessacry, and handle the internal cnection between what ever systems you have. Furthermore most have a built in firewall for protection (I highly recommend the DI-704 from D-Link)

On my setup I have a 7200 too (but mine's the 90 instead of the 120) USe OS 8.1 which is handling my FTP server (Currently the only FTP program I could find that was good for it, is Crush FTP, only $25 US (you can use it for free if you don't shut it down, othersie you'll ahev to reinput the settings). I can't remember the name of it but there's another FTP program that would work but they wanted something like $500 US for it, way to much for FTP software, no matter how good it is).

What you'll want to do is get an account with, who do DNS rerouting, even if you have a static IP, It's good idea since most ISPs are touchy about users running servers, and this keeps it descrete.

Setting it up and getting it running is actually quite easy
misc Oct 14, 2002 06:40 PM
I have a 7200/90 that my dad uses everday. (He just uses telnet and such...) Once he upgrades to a tower i'm going to take it and make it my mp3 streaming server or something. Just be aware that it uses SCSI drives, rather expensive.

I think i will keep 8.6 on it, stick with whatever works, eh?
Titom Oct 20, 2002 10:09 PM
7200 server
upgrade it!! I mean the cheap way.. get a 7600 motherboard from ebay about $25 .. fits right in.. you then have a 604 cpu.. uses the same ram.. get a cache board (helps a lot) $7..I stuck with mac os 8.6 .. stable.. uses much less ram.. also you get PCI slots.. many ways to go with PCI slots.. one thing tho.. if you get a firewire pci card you might want to use speeddisk drivers and run em in 'safe mode' (early firewire on macs can cause transfer errors.. u can check via toasts compare option.

Old macs never die.. just get new uses :-):)
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