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rotuts Sep 28, 2002 06:06 AM
how do I place 9.2 on separate partition on new G4 dual mgz?
I have a new G4dual I got yest. it came with two os X disks and 4 'restore' disks. Ive added a second HD and wish to place OS X 10.2 (updated to 10.2.1) on one partition, and OS 9.2.2 on a separate partition there does not appear to be a seperate OS 9 cd in the packet, and the restore cd places 9 on the OS X partition.

I have a CD 9.2.1 update that came with an earlier viersion of 10. weren't they supposed to put the lastest 9 with the new G4's? Im concerned that if I use the 9.2.1, how do I update the 9 to the 9 that workes best with the new G4 dual 1mgz?

thanks rotut
bradoesch Sep 28, 2002 07:52 PM
I can't see why you couldn't copy the OS 9 System Folder from the OS X partition to your OS 9 partition. Sounds like it shoud work.

One more thing, hold command while you copy the OS 9 System Folder to your OS 9 partition and it will move it instead of copy.

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