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ajprice Oct 7, 2002 04:55 PM
Performa 6400 crashing and printer problems
My neighbour has my old 6400, and it's giving him some trouble. To bring the situation quickly up to speed, he only uses it for word processing, spreadsheets and databases in Clarisworks 4.0. He recently moved the computer, unplugging everything and reattaching everything with the computer in its new place in his room. When he turned it on, the printer didn't work (Epson Stylus 500), I checked the software and it was fine, checked the plugs and the printer cable was plugged in the wrong way, bending the pins. I took the cable home, straightened the pins and gave the cable back the next day. Been there tonight to see how it is, and things are bad. Clarisworks freezes the computer when you select a new document, I have had to open an existing file, delete the text and save it as a blank file for him, which will do for now. Chooser also freezes the computer when you select and confirm the Epson Stylus 500 printer. Trying to print a document results in an error message saying there is not enough memory to print the file (specs: Performa 6400, 200Mhz, 3Gb Hard drive with 2.6Gb free space, 56Mb RAM, OS 9.1, USB card (unused since the external USB modem got fried in a thunderstorm). It also seems slow, compared to when it was mine (although I realise this may be partly due to the G4 I have now making it seem dog slow). While I was there I ran Disk First Aid over it, and no problems were found. My next step is Norton Disk Doctor and Speed Disk, then if that fails maybe an OS reinstall. Apart from doing this, it has me stumped. Anyone know what the problem might be, and any solutions?
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