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Mickey Mouse Oct 11, 2002 03:40 PM
PowerMac G4 error 127
I guess that my bad karma from the childish things I have done in my past came back to me today. I woke up this mourning. Bright blue sky, not a cloud in site. Had some wonderfull coffee, read the paper. Took a shower. Then I come to my room wanting to work on some tracks..... so I turn on my computer. Sipping my coffee, watching the happy mac face stare back at me. I smiled back. System startup is done, and then.................... WHAM!!!!!!!!!!! SYSTEM ERROR 127 please restart your computer.... and I am talking the white mac error window here.... in OS 9.2. That b***hy error window. I go ok.... restart... sip my coffee... thinking to my self.. hey, its only a slight extension load error.... so the mac man startup looks at me with still with his grin... as if mocking me... so I hold my breath... WHAMOOO!!!!! So I took the typical mac trouble shooting steps. Clearing the PRAM, opening up the extensions manager and setting to base 9.2 extensions.... I then run Norton , reset the desktop file.... run anti virus... and still .... the white error screen.... ERROR 127 please restart. 5 hours passing... I came this "__" close to f******* throwing my g4 out the frigin window... But I kept my cool, and am defraging my startup drive in hopes of resolving the conflict. Reason I am soo upset... I HAVING HAD THE TIME TO BACK UP ANY FILES YET!!!!! AAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHR!!!!!!!! So I write to you from my iBook, I am in high hopes that the defrag might resolve this. I have looked up that the error code 127 is an HFS Internal File System Error.... does this mean that the system file in the system folder is defunct? I mean EVERY time I start my g4 up it does this... every time. I am running the latest OS, and I have the 867 g4 model with combo drive. I dont want to do a clean install.. that is last on my mind. How can I make this message go away? Norton didnt really find any major problems, disk first aid, didnt find anything wrong.... I dont get it. I defraged my drive.... do any of you fine people here think you could help me out? I am really sweating with this one.... This message box... or crude white message window comes and says error 127 please restart your computer.... can anyone help me out?

Any advise or suggestions would be extremely appreciated
Mickey Mouse Oct 11, 2002 03:44 PM
Oh and I know that the 127 error code means that its an HFS directory issue, I have tried Disk First Aid, and Norton allready and no problems showed up "Disk appears to be ok" ... which is bull - s***, but I am on my way out to go get Tech Tool Pro and DiskWarrior. I rebuilt the desktop file, set extensions to 9.2x base, reset the PRAM.... defraged the hard drive.. I dont really know what else to do. I have data on there that is extremely important.
Mickey Mouse Oct 11, 2002 06:06 PM
can anyone help me out?
Cipher13 Oct 15, 2002 09:14 AM
I gotcha covered... you'll need DiskWarrior to fix this. It's the only app I've seen fix a -127.

Though, I've also seen it fail...

If it fails, you'll need to take the HD out, put it in another machine as a slave, and use Data Rescue to dredge the drive and recover all your data to the machines primary drive (or, use the same machine, with another HD attached... master or slave... whatever, as long as there's another drive, bootable, with enough space to recover the damaged one).

After recovering the data, format the drive.
bstone Oct 29, 2002 02:19 AM
Originally posted by Mickey Mouse:
can anyone help me out?
Disk Warrior will be the savior here.

Come, let us pray....
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