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nredman Oct 17, 2002 06:55 PM
Older System Questions - Apple Classic SE
So i bought this old Classic SE FDHD online for pretty cheap...i have been looking to buy some cheaper old macs and playing around with them...anyways i know this particular system can run 7.5.5 so i would need to possibly update from the software i get with it...can you find updates and games online anywhere? also since the computer has no modem and i cant get it on a it possible to download things on my gf's pc and load it on the mac??? thanks for all your help and feedback
Avon Oct 18, 2002 12:13 AM
Re: Older System Questions - Apple Classic SE
The Classic and the SE are two diffrent macs. You got an old SE with a superdrive... Happens to be my favorite case.

There are 68K sites on hotline. I belive there was a realy nice one a few years ago and it still exists.

Format the HD and Reinstall the software. You will need to get it on disks or even better is to find an external scsi cdrom.
Oh, and wake up and smell the old macs. Holding down the C key will not work. I forget how now, but it was something like cmd-opt-del to bypass the startup disk. Search online for these startup key combinations.

No you wont be able to download stuff on a pc unless you have the pc file exchange extension. I really forget when it came out. I think 7.5.

You can get a modem for it. If you have a mac at home with a serial port you can set up tcp ip encapluated in appletalke and get it on the internet via a local talk network. See the other se thread for more details and links.
bradoesch Oct 19, 2002 09:18 AM
This site has a lot of good information about older Macs. Apple also has various versions of the Mac OS available for download and has updates up to 7.5.5 I believe.

There's a program called Gemulator Explorer that will let your PC read and write disk images to floppy disks. I don't know if you can write individual files, but you can write disk images to a disk with it.

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