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Mallrat Nov 8, 2002 12:41 AM
Re-Installing Sherlock 2

Well i just re-install my system software.. i went from my backup disk and reinstalled 9.1

then I used my FCP 3 disk to instal 9.2.1.

then I did the same to get to 9.2.2.

Now my computer seems to be running fine. One problem, I accidently delted SHERLOCK 2.

How do i re-install it without messing everything up.
My computer is running great, but it owuld be nice to have a serach feature. However, I don't want to risk messing up anything since I'll currently ediitng a feature film using FCP 3 and I can wait till after to fix my sherlock 2 problem if it might mess up my computer.

Any tips?

George Orville Nov 9, 2002 03:10 AM
Re: Re-Installing Sherlock 2
I accidently deleted SHERLOCK 2.

How do i re-install it without messing everything up.


Procedure to move selected software from OS CD to the desk top, or to a location of your choice.... This will work on the OS CD 8.0/8.1/8.5/8.6/9.x...........

You will need TomeViewer application on your hard drive in order for the following to work........To locate try.......

1. Insert ypur OS CD and open it. Double click on TomeViewer and then press (command+O)

2. In the resulting open/save windows, navigate to and double click each item listed below or select ‘open’ in each window.........
OS CD>>Software Installer>>System Software>>Mac OS 8.x or 9.x>> Installation Tome

3. Installation Tome Archive will now display.

4. Select want you need by a single click or shift+click for multiple items.

5. After the selections have been made, press (comman+E) or click on the icon in the upper left hand corner.

6. In the resulting open/save dialog window, select the location to be saved to...(desktop should be a good location) and click on ‘Expand’..

7. The software items will moved to the location selected in the previous step.

8. Make a new folder on the desktop and call it --- temp removals ---place the old originals in there for safe keeping in case the new ones don’t solve your problem. If problems arise you will have them to replace the new ones.

9. Quit TomeViewer.

10. Drag/drop the new items onto the closed system folder and let the system place them in the correct location.

11. Restart

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