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mgoulet25 Nov 15, 2002 12:07 PM
Memory problems with finder?

I have a G3 350 mhz, 512 mo, with 9.2.2 installed and I do have a problem with memory. On a previous message, I tried some of the solutions given me lilke disabling some extensions, reconstructing the destok and so on and I still get the information on the Apple menu that the OS eats up 65 mo!!! Is this normal?? I tried with as many configurations as possible, always saving the last one to see which extension was eating so much memory, but sometimes when I disable like a dozen, I end up with more memory eated up by the OS! Is this a Finder problem or just that the 9.2.2 OS needs so much memory? I'm also wondering if some applications that I don't use at all still need mem to "be" in background? Also I tried rebooting with all the extensions disabled and my OS still needs some 25 mo. I'm maybe freaking out for nothing but I have a few freezing problems when I shut down the computer or when I try to open up an application like Eudora or Opera. Or when I print a word document, my printer freezes up unitl I click on the Epson Monitor again to make sure it starts!

I considered turning on the Virtual memory but I'm afraid that the computer will really get slow.

I have a few pheripherics installed like a scanner, a printer, a 4-Hub, external ADSL modem and a ZIP- Drive which I use for my backups. Could it some kinf of conflict?? Frankly, I'm confused and don't know from which way to start!!

ANy help would be appreciated!!

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