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adamberti Nov 23, 2002 09:42 PM
Software monitor adjustment
I'm using OS 9.2.1 on a beige G3 with an Apple ColorSync 17" display (built in may 1998) connected to a ATI Rage Orion, and an old Apple Color monitor (14inch) attached to the built-in monitor port. Quite some time ago I lost the ability to adjust the monitor through software conrols (both monitors). I've been doing a lot of scanning and photoshop work and then printing, but the screen is way too dark in comparison to prints, the originals, and even on other computer's with the hardware brightness control maxed. Using Apple's ColorSync control panel I cant even set the individual R, G, and B properly because I cant make those little apples with lines look correct.

I'm wondering if I can get access to software controls again, that it might allow me to get the screen brighter. I'm looking for any reason other than the colorsync monitor is dying to solve my problem. Thanks for your help
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