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Eriamjh Dec 8, 2002 10:13 AM
Can 8.6 run a FW PCI card?
or do I need 9.0?

I have a 7300 I want to upgrade with a FW HD, but I don't know if it will work without 9.0 (which I don't have). I am also told that 9.0 is the last OS to run on the 7300, not 9.1, but there is conflicting info on the net. Can anyone confirm?
Big Mac Dec 8, 2002 04:27 PM
1) 8.6 does have Firewire drivers, and it should be able to drive the card. The manufacturer should have the card's requirements stated in the specs or some place online. While 8.6 will likely run the card, you'll certainly get better Firewire support with 9.

2) Your pre-G3 machine is compatible with 9.1. Apple officially phased out support with 9.2, but functionally there are so few differences it's not a big deal.
Eriamjh Dec 9, 2002 06:28 AM
Thanks. I confirmed with Apple that 9.1 is the last the 7300 will run. I'll need that if I want to run iTunes2, which I also found for download.

The FW card is a OHCI TI chip-based card. It should work. It came with my Pyro case that I bought in early 2000. I used the card in a PC until recently. Now I don't use the Pc and I use macs almost exclusively.
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