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fisherKing Jan 14, 2003 12:55 PM
weird os problems...
i have two imacs that need their systems reinstalled on a regular basis. the problem just keeps repeating itself. After about a week, i get the flashing disk with the question mark when you
boot up. One of them has been showing a little globe icon rather than a disk this time; anyone know what that means??

Another big problem is that one of
the imacs seems to have a problem with the information going to the monitor:the
image goes from normal to very narrow (becoming only a center strip of the screen).

Cipher13 Jan 20, 2003 12:19 AM
Which OS version? 9.2? I'm betting that if it's 9.2, or the 9.1 downloaded updater, the systems are just trashing themselves... as I warned everyone about.

Try 9.04.

Which model iMacs are they?

A glode icon... how odd. Light globe, or world globe?

Before I comment on the monitor problem, I need to know which model they are.
Big Mac Jan 20, 2003 03:58 PM
It seems like your drives are getting damaged. The question mark icon means that your system software cannot be found/loaded, and that means the system software and possibly the drive has been corrupted. I would definitely get a copy of Disk Warrior if it hasn't been used before. The globe icon simply means that the machine is looking for a NetBoot system folder to boot off. The machine will continue to look for many minutes, and then it will look for other volumes to boot off. This usually happens when nothing has been selected in the Startup Disk control panel, and that may happen after an OS reinstallation. It may also happen if no system software is found locally. Go to Apple: Control Panels: Startup Disk and select your boot hard drive to fix that issue.

The original poster stated that the machines go in for regular repair, and if that's the case they're either being repaired poorly or there are hardware problems involved. If you listed what was done to repair the Macs, I would have a more complete profile with which to work. Finally, I'm not too sure about your monitor problem, but if these are CRT iMacs, you may be suffering from the A/V board issue. That is a hardware problem. You may need to send the affected machines in for true servicing, because it doesn't sound like the service you've been getting is all that great. Macs shouldn't be malfunctioning the way you describe.
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