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CroMac Jan 15, 2003 06:06 AM
Please help with DSL
I"m new user, have a Ibook with two partition.One with OSX and another with OS 9,2. Find some easy way using DSL conectin on OSX, but can"t find way on the OS 9. There is no available choise for ethernet PPOp conection. Some people told me about some program I need...Please tell me which program and when I can download.
Thanks for your help, even many of yours will be found that I"m asking so stupid question.
Fredo Jan 17, 2003 02:15 PM
I'm not exactly sure what your question is, but if you are trying to set up your DSL in OS9, go to Apple menu - control panels - TCP/IP.
Good luck!:)
Big Mac Jan 20, 2003 03:36 PM
Okay -- here's the story. Most every (if not all) DSL connection works through PPPoE. PPPoE is a non-standard spec, and it's handled poorly through software in most every implementation I've seen. One will have much better luck buying a hardware router. . .

If you're determined to go through the software route, you'll need PPPoE software. There is software available through Enternet, but that application would crash my Mac during sleep, so I switched to the (now defunct) MacPoET. MacPoET's major problem is that it doesn't sense when the connection has been dropped, and there's also a bug that requires you quit the application to successfully establish a new connection. At least it doesn't crash the machine, but it's far from ideal. Finally, as you noted, OS X included Apple's own PPPoE client software, but no such built-in software exists for OS 9.

Now I highly suggest that you avoid PPPoE software at all costs. It is just a tremendous headache. What you want to do instead is buy a router/switch. You can find four port wired routers cheaply. I've been really happy with my Asante FriendlyNet. The beauty of a hardware router is it takes your computer out of the connection equation. The router's dedicated network software is much more reliable than any PPPoE client you'll find. And installation is really simple: connect your modem to the "uplink" port and connect your computers to the other ethernet ports. Then point your browser to the specified local router URL to get to the configuration page. Go through the setup screen(s), select your connection type (PPPoE), enter your user name and password and you're done. Every time your computer makes a TCP request, your router will handle it on the fly, creating a connection in a second if need be. Additionally, you'll be protected by NAT and a firewall, so your machines will be effectively invisible to the outside. I highly recommend going this route.
CroMac Jan 21, 2003 12:51 PM
Well Big Mac, thank you soo much...Your kindly answer save my time and brain pain killers...
Just one thing. When you sad router, what does it mean.How much is good deal?
Big Mac Jan 22, 2003 02:05 AM
You're welcome :) A router routes network traffic between your machine(s) and the rest of the network/Internet. What you'll want to look for is a switch/router combo, as opposed to a regular hub or switch. You'll probably also want a wired router as opposed to a wireless one, unless you plan to use 802.11 wireless networking (aka Airport). All of the networking hardware companies have wired routers, and they're pretty cheap now. A four port router shouldn't be more than $50-$60. Linksys is quite popular but not Mac friendly. I chose to buy the Asante FriendlyNet 3004C, and I believe I paid around $50. (I spoke to an Asante rep at Macworld who said he had a refurbished FriendlyNet for $30.) It's a great product.
lookmark Jan 22, 2003 10:34 AM
MacPoET was one the reasons that pushed me to switch to OS X (even though I'm only using a lowly iBook 500 ;)).

God that was awful. I experienced random freezes on connect/disconnect and sleep problems in addition to the bugs described.

I agree -- as much as possible, stay away from all PPoE software on OS 9.
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