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hawksman Jan 16, 2003 11:57 PM
Install 9.2.2on top of Jaguar?
Two weeks ago I installed Jaguar on my venerable 400 mHz Titanium PB. I erased the drive and did a completely clean install because all of my apps run natively is OS X. Well, I just found out today that I'll need to use an application for work that only runs in Classic. The dilemma is that my Jaguar installer didn't include OS 9. I still have my original OS 9 CD from when I bought the PB, but how do I install it? The installer tells me it can't be installed over OS X. Can I do a clean install? Or am I screwed and have to start the dual installs from scratch?
Big Mac Jan 20, 2003 03:44 PM
It's interesting that the installer says it can't work when OS X is present. Are you trying to run the installer while your machine has been booted off the drive you're going to install on? If so, restart directly from the OS 9 CD. I don't see why OS 9 would care that OS X existed on the drive, but it may have problems if you're not booting from the CD. Alternatively, you could install OS 9 on another hard drive and then simply drag it over to your regular drive. There should be no problem with doing that. (That's one of the few advantages OS 9 has over OS X -- working with OS 9 is much easier since it is consolidated in one true System Folder and it doesn't have privileges to worry about.)
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