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fykthebryk Jan 27, 2003 10:04 PM
What would you do with this problem?
I'm a newly christened Jaguar user after toiling with 9.2 for years (installed Jaguar Xmas 2002).

1. My first problem was when I tried to restart my machine in 9.2 just to test the whole dual boot thing, the 9.2 crashed giving me that annoying "?" icon instead of the happy mac icon. So I force restart it back to OS X. Luckily the OS X, reliable as it is, booted without any problem. I haven't touched the 9.2 ever since.

2. Now here's another problem. I need to re-install my old QuarkXpress 4.1 so I can print some old quark files from school but when I inserted the CD and clicked on the "install" icon, the quark installation crashed. (the 9.2 window in OS X turned on. it's just the actual quark installation that crashed)

Now I still have all the install CDs (8.5, 8.6, 9.2, 10.2.3). What would you do? Should I re-install the 9.2? Will this revert my entire machine from Jaguar to 9.2 and hence me needing to re-install Jaguar all over again? I just need to see a simple quark file (sigh)

my machine's specs:
g3 Powerbook Lombard
400 MHz
384 MB RAM
6 GB hard drive (although I just order a 20GB IBM Travelstar HD)

thanks in advance.
Eriamjh Jan 28, 2003 07:04 AM
Do you have the OS9 drivers installed on the hard drive? Without them, you can't boot into 9.2.

I betcha you need to install Quark Express from within 9, not from OSX using classic. Try to get 9 to work then install quark.
Big Mac Jan 29, 2003 01:17 AM
The Question Mark icon on startup means that the OS cannot be found or loaded. It sounds like there's some drive corruption. (I would have to discount the other poster's thought about drivers, since the original poster didn't state he or she erased the drive and then installed OS X.) What I would do is go get Alsoft's Disk Warrior. It is the best drive utility by far and saved me from a reformat. (There is an update coming out, but it's minor -- its only real change is that it uses OS X as the boot OS in which it performs the repairs/optimization. The previous versions of Disk Warrior repaied both OS 9 and OS X drives but used OS 9 as the CD boot OS.) Even though it would be chepaer just to reinstall OS 9, I would still buy Disk Warrior since it is a good thing to have.

Although it will probably work, if Disk Warrior fails to get your OS 9 drive back up and running, then you'll need to reinstall the OS. Reinstall OS 9 with your OS 9 boot CD. As long as you use the OS 9 boot CD, your OS X installation shouldn't be harmed. If, however, you use the Restore CDs instead, then your OS X installation will very likely be affected.
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