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dvd Feb 2, 2003 03:59 PM
os 9 crash then = no startup?
Hey i have a prob with os 9. On my tibook i installed os x first, then i installed 9. My problem is when I go into os 9 then goto the 'startup disk' control panel and change it to os x, then push restart. The comp would crash. My prob happens even if i dont change the startup disk, it happens when i crash. But when i restart, the comptue rwould give me a question marked folder. Then i wouldnt be able to start up. The only way i fixed it was to use my tibook in firewire target disk mode, then go into os x in my g4 and try to do repairs. Sometimes it wouldnt even mount my tibook's HD. It would ask do i want to reformat it. But after clicking repair on disk repair, which gave me mountcheck errors that couldnt be fixed. I went into the startup disk in my desktop and it saw os 9 and os x on my laptop. I guess the only way i fixed it was to open the system pref app on my tibook from my desktop and choose the os x as a startup, then save it. Then it works. I'm just wondering is there a fix for this? Is it because i have os x and os 9 on the same partition? I know its not my tibook because i had an ibook and it did the same.
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