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Mallrat Mar 3, 2003 04:02 PM
Printer Problems (Sorry about the other ones)
I just bought a Lexmark Laser Printer E320... it prints perfect in Mac OS X. It was recongnized without having to install a thing.

But I can't get it to print in OS 9.

According to the manual, I use the Laser Writer 8 driver and I just install a PPD that was on the Lexmark install disc.

Well I went to, downloaded the latest PPD, installed it, went to Chooser, picked the LaserWriter 8 driver, but it would not print.

When I hit print I got an error message that said (in effect): "can't spool to printer, no desktop image" something like that.. .basically it just wouldnt' print and I get an error message under the Finder.

So I read a post that said try Adobe Printer Drivers... I tried those, but using Virtual Printer Box, I can't switch it to the print mode. There is a box in the corner, top right, and I cna't get it out of save mode.

So I don't know if I'm doing someting wrong, if it's a driver problem, or an OS 9 problem.

Also Word is acting funny in 9, so this might be a case where it's my system and not my driver.

any help would be great. I contacted Lexmark via e-mail but they have yet to get back to me.
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