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vaene Mar 11, 2003 04:25 PM
USB Printer Sharing over W2000 network
Sorry if this has already been discussed or if I am in the wrong forum. I have 9 imacs (9.2.2) and 9 xp's networked in my classroom through a windows 2000 server (DHCP no static ips) using a TRENDnet hub. I am trying to get the iMacs to share an hp960c through usb printer sharing and it is not working. The iMac with the physical connection sees the printer and will print. The other macs have the same drivers installed, see the printer, in USB printer sharing and in the chooser, but when I try to print I get this message
"Document BLAHBLAHBLAH failed to print on the printer "Deskjet 960c on DesignMac2" because of an error.


What this error is I don't know. When the printer is physically attached to any one of the iMacs, no problems printing and the other iMacs see the printer just can't print to it over USB sharing. Therefore I am assuming that the W2000 server is screwing things up for me but I am not sure what it is that is messing up everything. Again, sorry if I am in the wrong forum, I will be happy to repost in networking if that is what this problem is.


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