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ValVashon Mar 18, 2003 09:42 PM
Out of memory errors
I'm using OS 9.0.4 on a Bondi iMac with 256 MB of built in ram, plus virtual memory is on for a total of 257 mb. I also have a disk cache of 7.96 MB, whatever that means.

Lately, I have been getting lots of "out of memory" errors- I can't print an e-mail from eudora on the Personal LaserWriter because of this error and often IE will tell me that there is not enough memory to run shockwave and one other plug in sometimes. This happens even if IE or eudora is the only thing running.

And then yesterday Mrs. Val had IE, eudora, Appleworks, Word and Excel 2001 and probably something else running too and no problems with out of memory errors.

I tried to allocate more memory to IE and eudora but it didn't help.

Any ideas? I'd be happy to respond with more information if anybody has any questions, but I thought I'd throw this one out there.

Athens Mar 18, 2003 09:55 PM
Go into the internet explorer folder and find your internet explorer, click on it press command on the keyboard and the I button or go to file and get info. There is a pull down tab in there select memory and give it more memory to use. I suggest 15MB min for IE.
bowwowman Mar 31, 2003 05:36 PM
you are probably a victim of the "temporary items" bug in 9.0.4......which allowed HUGE temp files to be created and grow to enormous sizes without you knowing it. This eats up not only memory, but HD freespace as well. Either one or both will cause the imfamous "out of memory" warning to pop up rather frequently but ramdomly

go to versiontracker and look for "eradicator" or similar apps that will cure the bug for ya
beanman Apr 1, 2003 12:28 AM
I get this problem in 9.2.2 as well. I usually quit out of IE and problem is solved. However I just dropped a 256DIMM into my beige G3 and have noticed a major difference on how this machine acts and feels. So far so good.
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