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Ratatoskur Apr 19, 2003 11:53 AM
Can't boot OS 9 at all
I have two HD's in my computer: my 80 Gb maindrive and my 10 GB drive that I use for OS 9 only.

Yesterday I formatted the 10 GB drive and was going to do a clean install OS 9 again in order to fix some problems with the old system folder.

The problem is that I can't boot to OS 9 to all. I can't boot anyone of the several OS 9 CD's that I own (note the Jaguar disc works just fine) Always when I try, all I see is a grey screen and then nothing more happens. If I try to copy a system folder from one of the CD's to my hard drives and boot from one of them, same thing: grey screen.

I can't even run Classic though that might be for a different reason. This is what I get:
"There are no localized Classic-specific resources to update the selected system folder."

I've zapped PRAM and I'm confident that there are Mac OS 9 drivers on both HD's. And I could boot from OS 9CD's without a problem just a few days ago.

If I don't find a solution I am going to try and remove the RAM and put my old 350 mhz processor into the G4 instead of the 1 Ghz Powerlogix.

Any ideas ? Any Open Firmware commands I can do to perhaps see what the problem is ?

I have a Power Mac G4 Sawtooth.
Cipher13 Apr 22, 2003 05:29 AM
Boot. Hold Command-Option-O-F.

Type reset-nvram at the promtp.
Hit enter.
Type reset-all.
Hit enter.

Reboot. Put CD in. Hold CD. Work?

If not open system, take out battery, disconnect power. Leave for 15 mins. Replace power and battery. Now try.

No good?

Turn off, take all DIMMs out. Replace DIMMs. Now try.

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