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tz3gm Jun 3, 2003 02:22 PM
loooong boot time in OS 9
hi guys/gals,

i need some help, a computer that i'm working on has a loooong boot up time and it's not the loading of extensions that is bogging it down but rather something else...when we reboot the computer the extensions load like normally then the desktop picture comes on and then the computer just "sits" there for a very long time and then eventually the hard drive appears and then the rest of the deskop appears...anyone know what the problem is?

bradoesch Jun 3, 2003 06:54 PM
If FileSharing is turned on, it sometimes takes quite a while to load at startup.
Eriamjh Jun 8, 2003 07:31 AM
If you have a LOT of ram, like 256 MB or more, then you should turn off the memory check in the memory control panel.

Open the Memory Control Panel while holding down Command AND Option. there will be an additional setting you can change called "memory check at startup" or something like that. Turn it off and reboot.

Checking memory is stupid. If it doesn't work, the computer will crash. If it does, why check it every time you restart?

This should save a few more seconds of boot time.

Does the computer have the Palm desktop installed? The Serial Port monitor really slows down the boot after the screen pops up but before the mouse lets you actually do anything. Remove it if you don't need it.
paul kempin Jun 14, 2003 09:39 PM
Re: loooong boot time in OS 9
Just a couple of quick thoughts. Are you connecting to a disks on a network? If so, open your System Folder and find a folder named "Servers". Open it and dump its contents into the trash. Then restart. You might have manually restablish your network connections when you reboot, but it there were lots of files in the Severs folder it will really speed up a reboot. The files build up in the Servers folder when you crash or don't shut down correctly.

Thought #2. Dump the Finder preferences from the Preferences Folder and restart. Not a likely cause, but won't hurt.

Good luck
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