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siflippant Jun 9, 2003 03:22 PM
Need Outlook Express help, BIGTIME...
I knew I'd pay a price for putting OE on my Mac. The damn thing won't let me set up a munged name and addy just for newsgroup use, without creating a whole new Identity for it. And then, it thinks I'm two separate people, and keeps the prefs, bookmarks, address book, and saved messages from one Identity HIDDEN from the other Identity(s).

And I can't find a way to make two Identities share ALL the same prefs, files, bookmarks, etc. I even posted this question to an OE-mac newsgroup, and got zero replies. Grrrrrr.

I need a way to simply munge my newsgroup identity within the same
Identity, so that the spambots won't be able to harvest my name and addy for
their spammy little pursuits.

Help, anyone?? I'm still slogging along in draggy Netscape, because I just can't
seem to beat OE into useable form.
tooki Jun 12, 2003 04:52 AM
Sure you can. Just go into the Tools -> Accounts window and add a new account.

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