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kiwibabe Jun 23, 2003 04:35 AM
Help with Freehand and "paste" command
Well im using OSX and Freehand 8 in Classic. I am also using a program called MegaAlign (Classic) to align DNA and protein sequences for work. In the documentation for MegaAlign it states that if i want to put any of the pictures into another program all i have to do is go copy/paste into the appropriate program, in this case Freehand 8. When I do what the program states, Freehand stuffs around for a while before this error pops up:

"could not complete the paste command because an object would be placed off of the pasteboard"

and it doesnt paste. Can anyone help please? I need this to work somehow.

paul kempin Jun 23, 2003 07:58 PM
fool walks in
I think you're trying to mix apples and oranges here on a graphic level. I took a peek through a Google search and it appears that Megalign generates raster (image is composed of closely spaced dots) images. Freehand is a vector art program. Its images are lines drawn point to point and defined mathmatically. I don't own either of the programs you're using, but I did try to paste a raster from Photoshop ( a raster image program) into Illustrator ( a program similar to Freehand). As I suspected, that won't work.

Is it possible to save your images from Megalign in a format such as eps or tiff. Your might have option under your save menu or perhaps there's a separate "export" item under your File menu. I'm just guessing here. If it's possible to save your Megalign images that way, then you can use the "Place" or "Import" command in Freehand to move the image to that environment.

If the above doesn't work, you could probably paste your data into a program like PageMaker which is little more friendly to raster type images. Good luck - let me know if you have further questions. Hope this helps some.
kiwibabe Jun 25, 2003 03:45 AM
Thanks for your help so far. I forgot to mention in my post that I was able to copy/paste a small picture from megaalign into freehand, but not a large one. The only option in megaalign is to do copy/paste. Does that give you any ideas to help?

Thanks so much

paul kempin Jun 25, 2003 03:12 PM
simpleminded idea
You might try making your new Freehand document super huge. The copied info from your Megalign might have a bounding box that's larger than the bounding box of the Freehand document. Don't know how you could prove that except by using Freehand custom page size and specify some ridicuously large dimensions for it. That's the best I can recomment at the moment.
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