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siflippant Jul 30, 2003 04:11 PM
Yahoo Java Games
Hi all..

not the most important topic, but here goes...

i use 9 and os x... and being the dinosaur i am, i still love and use 9.

Only thing is, when in 9 with the latest apple java release for 9 [mrj 2.2.6] i STILL cannot play certain java games over at Yahoo.

When i load up the pool, everything seems great until i use the right click [which i can in os x on safari] and the cue just stays there... doesn't move back and forth [in order to control how much power you can use on the shot].

Have tried every browser available to 9... any ideas? or is it just the sad fact that yahoo java games do not support pool for mac os 9? :(

Thankyou in advance...

AssassyN Aug 4, 2003 04:25 PM
I'm pretty sure it's just that it doesn't work w/ OS 9. I do recall something on Yahoo's site saying that some functions may be incompatible w/ some older Mac OS'es.
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