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velocipede Aug 12, 2003 02:07 PM
Reviving a Color Classic
Hey, I've got a (hopefully) easy question to answer regarding installing System 7.5 on a Color Classic. I was recently given ye old aforementioned Mac by a coworker w/o any install floppies or CDs. When I boot the Mac up, it brings up an error that the installed system (7.1) will not run and to install a newer system software version. I read somewhere that booting a Color Classic with option-command-o-x will boot via ROM, but it still seems to boot off the HD. Anyway, I've downloaded the system 7.5 install (both the single CD image and the 20 floppy (:eek: ) images. My question is, can I use my beige G3 to copy the floppy images and boot the Classic off the floppy, considering that there is no system folder on the floppy? Or, do I need to find another way to install the system software?
bradoesch Aug 12, 2003 09:14 PM
It was the Mac Classic that could boot from ROM. The Mac Classic II couldn't, so I doubt the Color Classic can either.
Doc Juansinn Aug 13, 2003 12:08 AM
System 7.1 will run on a Color Classic, but System Enabler 401 must also be in the system folder. How to get it there if the Mac wont boot is a problem.

As far as I remember, the segments of System 7.5 version 7.5.3 that Apple has put up for download are not disk copy images but rather segments of a large install image. If so, they wont be of any help either.

Here's something you can try. Find and download the above mentioned system enabler as well as the file Network Access Disk 7.5. Decompress the files and make a floppy of the Network disk. Then, put the floppy back in the G3 and throw away anything inside the extensions and control panels folders on the floppy. Copy the system enabler to the system folder on the floppy. Eject floppy. Try to boot the Color Classic with the floppy. If it boots and the CC HD has a system folder, copy the enabler from the floppy to the system folder of the HD.

Good luck.
DrBoar Aug 13, 2003 07:02 AM
If you have an external SCSI ZIP drive then you can copy the 7.5 stuff to a ZIP disk on an other mac and then boot with the ZIP drive connected to the Classic (with the ZIP disk in)
velocipede Aug 13, 2003 10:19 AM
I'll try the System Enabler approach. I don't have an external SCSI Zip drive and don't want to throw much $$ at this at all, since it's just "fun project" type of thing. Thanks for the suggestions, I'll give it a shot and post the results after...
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