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bergy Aug 30, 2003 01:22 PM
Anybody have an Epson 740 Scuzzy Printer? Solved
I just sent my old Performa to my sister in law. I also sent along my epson 740 with it because it has a SCSII connection. I have not used that printer for awhile with the Performa. Now she says she cannot hook up the printer because the scsi cable I sent her will not go into the printer. She can connect to the computer however. Is there some adapter that I have forgotten about? I'm positive its the scuzzy cable I was using before. It might be something really simple, but not being there is frustrating. I went to the epson web site and looked at the specs ... its just looks like a regular scsi male connection on the printer.
dn15 Aug 30, 2003 04:12 PM
Re: Anybody have an Epson 740 Scuzzy Printer?
Although you said you sent the same cable you previously used, that seems unlikely unless you had most recently connected it to a PC instead of a Mac.

The problem is that it is not actually a SCSI printer. It sounds like you're trying to connect it using the parallel port, which is meant only for PCs but can easily be mistaken for SCSI. She needs a Mac serial cable (aka. a Mac printer or modem cable.) The Epson SC 740 has this port as well -- it's the one that is not USB and doesn't look like SCSI. :)

I hope the rest of this is not stuff you already know. Thought I'd include it just in case...

You need to use a cable with both ends looking like the one pictured here:
Note that it may also have an icon of a printer or a telephone instead of the two arrows, but they are physically the same and can be used interchangably.

Also note that the ADB (keyboard and mouse) cable can look very similar to a serial {edit: oops, originally write ADB again!} cable but they are not compatible, and are usually coiled rather like a telephone cable. This is not the one you want.

A Google search revealed this page with a key to common Mac port icons. You might find it helpful:
bergy Aug 30, 2003 06:45 PM
Thank you dn15. You are absolutely right. I do have that cable you sent a picture of, and I must have had an old scsi cable around and mistook it for the printer cable to the 740. Thank you very much ... you have saved me a lot of time trying to figure out what could be wrong. That picture really helped as I recognized my mistake immediately. This forum is great!
dn15 Aug 30, 2003 07:22 PM
Great, I'm glad I could help. :)
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