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Firehunter Sep 10, 2003 10:57 AM
Hiding the Harddrive
I am now the IT person at the women's center on my campus where I goto school. . .I have had some experience with Mac's but not much and have gotten all the computers up and running. As of now, they all run OS 9.1 and I was wondering if there was a way to hide the Mac HD from the desktop. I was thinking that there may be a program or an applescript that could do this. Any suggestions?

Also, would it be advised to upgrade to OS X on at least some of the computers? There are three G4's (Two in the student office and one in the front office) ranging from 400 Mhz to 533 Mhz, two with 256 MB RAM and one with 128 MB, there is also a G3 in the student library running 300 Mhz with 192 MB RAM. The last computer is a old PowerPC 8600 with a 300 Mhz Proc. and 96 MB RAM. There are also a few other computers around in the other workers offices, I don't know what they are running, but I believe they are all G4's. I don't think that the PowerPc 8600 will be able to OS X though. Also, if I do upgrade, which problems may I encounter and will anything be lost (I do make weekly back-ups, so not that big of a deal).

Thanks for the help!
Dex13 Sep 10, 2003 09:23 PM
Any G4 can handle OS X.
With the G3 I wouldn't, but thats my opinion. It does run on any G3 but not well, well not at 300 mhz that is. Unless of course you get the ram to at least 512.
Oh and the 8600 is a no, OS X requires at least a G3.

Now you won't lose anything if you upgrade to OS X, unless you do a clean install. OS X will label the important folder(s) w/ a OS 9 after to indicate which os it belongs to.
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