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evolvinglite Nov 13, 2003 05:53 PM
Mac users disconnected from a Win2k server
I am running across the following problem at my work. I've searched the web up and down and while there are a number of people that talk about the situation, there doesn't seem to be a solid solution. What I have is:

Windows 2k Server with a number of Macintosh Shares
Windows XP, Macintosh OS 9 and OSX boxes connecting to it

The windows users, as expected are having to issues, however, the macintosh users are being diconnected at random times. They will get a message stating that the "file server connection closed unexpectedly". The volumes remain on the desktop but are greyed out and the user can neither throw them away or access them. They are *required* to restart before continuing with their work. The OSX boxes suffer the same type of fate. They get the message, the volumes disappear from the desktop, but they system still thinks they are connected to the server (if they open the connection again, they are not required to authenticate) but they cannot mount the volume (it it greyed out). They also must restart to access the volume.

So far I've:

Recreated all the shares
Updated the registry to essentially "turn off" timeouts to the server
Updated all of the Macintoshes to 9.2.2 or 10.2.6
Removed all the items from System Folder > Servers
Trashed the Appletalk.prep file

And still they are being disconnected. I don't know how many "this is how you fix the problem" posts and messages only to have a user come to me 2 hours after "fixing" their system to tell me that they had been disconnected again. So very frustrating.

Anyone have any real solutions to this?
scip Dec 5, 2003 02:51 PM
Have you taken a hard, analytical look at the network design? Are there excessive collisions? Are you using AppleTalk or AFP over TCP/IP to connect from the Macs?

There is a known issue with classic AppleTalk over Ethernet networking and the spanning tree algorithm with network switches. Here's a hint. The spanning tree feature has to be turned off or you'll have errors much like what you describe.
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