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bmmp Dec 2, 2003 02:29 AM
OS9 CD-ROM Emulator?
Is there a mac program that creates a virtual CD drive besides disk copy?

I want to be able to run CD programs without using the CD.
It doesn't work for StarCraft for instance and I really want to speed up my gameplay on my ibook and not have to worry about more battery consumption.

I've never tried making a mountable disc copy with any other program and having it work either, as the only program I have that requires a cd is starcraft.

i'm out of luck?
Jacke Dec 2, 2003 09:23 AM
Re: OS9 CD-ROM Emulator?
A Classic version of Toast (4.x or 5) should work.
bmmp Dec 3, 2003 06:54 AM
I have toast 5, but I dont see an option to emulate a CD.
There's create a temp partition, is that it?
Jacke Dec 3, 2003 08:45 AM
If you have the cd inserted and choose the "copy" option in Toast you can choose "Save as disc image" and it will write the image file to your hard drive. When it's done you mount it with Toast and the computer will see it as the real cd.
bmmp Dec 4, 2003 06:39 AM
Hey Jacke,

thanks for the help.
I was able to mount the CD and make an image with toast 5.1, but it still didn't work with Starcraft. I'm able to see it as a CD in the OS, but it doesn't fool the program.

I know why they did this, but I'm doing this legally, in fact I own 2 copies of the cd and I just want to conserve my battery when on the go, and I hate opening up my CD-ROM tray (it's so delicate i'm afraid it will break off one day).

any other ideas?

Jacke Dec 4, 2003 08:17 AM
Too bad it didn't work with Toast, wonder why not as it seemed to work for these guys... You could try playing around with Disk Copy and the settings (read-only, read-only compressed etc.)
bmmp Dec 12, 2003 05:40 AM
I figured out why it worked for them, it works in OSX but not in OS 9. What's up with that?

Oh well. I just boot in 10 I guess.

I wonder which OS consumes more battery power.
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