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Eriamjh Dec 24, 2003 10:51 AM
How do I make floppy install disks?
Is there an easy way to make a floppy install set from OS7.6? I have the CD, but need floppies to install it (Please see SCSI CD-ROM not working with Performa 450 thread).

Help anyone?

Update: Never mind. I found the images on the CD.

Update 2: Un-Nevermind. I found it on my 7.5.5 install CD for my 7300, but there are no images on my 7.6.1 CD.

Newsflash: Does anyone have a copy of all 19 parts of System 7.5.3 from Apple? Apparently, one of them is corrupted and I cannot create the disk image. Number 17 appears to be boffo.

Here is where you can get them from Apple:

Help anyone?
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