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stevesnj Dec 30, 2003 10:10 PM
Any PCI Appletalk cards for a PC?
I was given an Apple Laser printer which has AppleTalk port on it so I want to hook it up to my server running windows 2000 and the drivers are there in 2000 but i have no way to connect it. Is there a PCI AppleTalk card for PC out there anyone know of? I looked but no luck and Im not buying that Asante Appletalk to Ehternet device..thats expensive....Thanks for any help.
Eriamjh Dec 31, 2003 07:24 AM
What is an apple talk port? Apple talk is a communications protocol, not a port.

Is it an 8-pin mini-din? If so, that's an ordinary serial port. You would need a 9-pin to 8-pin din cable and drivers to use that printer.
tooki Jan 6, 2004 02:46 AM
AppleTalk is the protocol. The 3-wire (or, later, two-wire over telephone wire -- PhoneNet) networking Apple made ubiquitious for so many years is LocalTalk (which connects to the Mac's serial port).

Note that these are NOT "ordinary" serial ports -- a PC serial port is incapable of supporting LocalTalk.

LocalTalk cards for PCs do exist, but since they were very rare, they are very expensive -- several times as expensive as a LocalTalk-Ethernet converter, which is just $100.

Alternatively, get an old Mac with both LocalTalk and Ethernet, and use LocalTalk Bridge to link them.

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