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kirktalon Jan 1, 2004 10:47 PM
Frazzled Mac clone hard disk
A PC friend referred me to a woman who has a Mac clone and ran DiskDoctor version 4 and now she won't boot up (the computer that is )

In her own words


"Problem with Mac> Need to hire someone to get it back.

Was using Norton Utilities to check and repair system before optimizing. Used disk doctor> It told me to boot up from the CD to make major repairs.

* I probably had a newer version of Norton on my hard drive, but when I put in the CD-it was older (version 4.0). It began to fix everything- I kept re-running it to attempt to fix all of them-when I was done- I optimized it. When I was all done-and restart=I'm locked out.

I can't get back in= It says (message with the bomb icon) Sorry, a system error occurred. File system map inconsistent. To temporarily turn off extensions, restart and hold down shift key. (restart button icon)

It won't let me back in> When I restart- I get the small happy mac sign= but then the same message keeps coming up.

Goal> (A) Get system back. -or- (B) Just retrieve files and I'll buy a new computer."

PC friend: (She is talking about getting a MAC G5.......but needs to get all the files on her present system recovered, if possible.)

End Quote

I think she is running OS 9 and ran a DiskDoctor for OS 8.6 or below??

That being true what do I charge for a house call?
Eriamjh Jan 2, 2004 07:22 AM
Charge her for a good meal or some beer.

Get DiskWarrior for OS9 (I think it comes with the current DW for OSX) and try to undo what Norton fixed. I've heard of Norton causing more problems than it fixes. DW comes highly recommended.
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