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rickyirvine Jan 5, 2004 05:32 PM
System Error 114
Mac friends,
We recently acquired a lime iMac 266 with OS 9.0 on it. I downloaded upgrades from Apple's website to upgrade it to 9.2. After the installation, during Mac OS boot up, it reports to me "System Error 114" and says that I have to restart with extensions turned off. I can't use internet or much of anything without extensions turned on.


rickyirvine Jan 7, 2004 08:46 AM
No help.

Apple's Support site says under the STORAGE ALLOCATOR ERRORS:

-114 memPCErr Pointer Check failed

What is pointer check? Does this have to do with the mouse used?

bradoesch Jan 8, 2004 05:22 PM
Hi Ricky, sounds like you need to start troubleshooting extensions. You might have some older extensions that aren't compatible with 9.2. Here's how to start:

Apple menu->Control Panels->Extensions Manager. In there, choose the 9.2 Base Set. This only enables extensions that are part of OS 9.2 and disables the rest. You'll have your Internet back, but any third party extensions and hardware will be disabled. What you need to do it enable a few at a time while restating to check the compatibility. Once you find the one that makes the machine crash, look for a newer version of that extension.

I'm not really sure what that error messages means, but it sounds like extension problems to me. That's what I'd try.
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