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Freeflyer Jan 15, 2004 07:57 PM
How do I install OS9 on my Panther G4
Hi, I have a G4 450 which has Panther on it. I find I need to boot into OS9 to run a particular piece of software (flashing a radeon video card). How would I go about this?

I have the Jaguar powerbook install disk and the Panther disks. Is OS9 on the Jag disk?

Do I have to create a partition for this install, or just a folder? Any links greatly received.

There is an OS 9.1 install disk available via bittorrent, so I'm guessing this is what I need software wise, I'm just not sure how to go about doing it.


Eriamjh Jan 16, 2004 07:16 AM
Panther and Jaguar do not come with OS9. You need the retail version or the CDs the mac came with (since it came with OS9 originally).

You must boot to OS9 using the retail CD and install it.

Then you can flash your video card.
Freeflyer Jan 16, 2004 03:14 PM
Thanks, I'll get hold of an OS9 disk. Do I need a separate partition, or will it just install a different system folder.

How do you specify which system to boot into.


bradoesch Jan 16, 2004 07:56 PM
OS X and 9 will happy coexist on the same partition. I've never installed 9 after X on the same partition, but I can't see why it wouldn't work.
To change system folders to boot from, in X click Startup Disk in System Preferences, and in 9 use the Startup Disk control panel. Alternatively, hold the X key at startup to boot into X, or hold Option to get a list of choices (won't work if both are on the same partition though.)
Freeflyer Jan 17, 2004 02:01 PM
Thanks, once I've got the os downloaded, I'll give it a try.

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